Michael Grenville – Managing Director & Editor-in-chief

Qatar Goodwood Festival: English Social Season Glorious Goodwood - Gentlemans Butler
Qatar Goodwood Festival: English Social Season Glorious Goodwood – Gentlemans Butler

What do we do?  Gentlemans Butler is a luxury lifestyle online magazine and membership, providing key concierge services for high net worth individuals.

Our belief  www.gentlemansbutler.com believes that the qualities of refinement, elegance, charm and sensuality are fundamental to what defines us as ladies and gentlemen.

Why & When was Gentlemans Butler created? Launched in 2011, Michael H Grenville felt there was something missing in the media, wanting to offer a viewpoint that was a little gentler, with some charm, to give Gentlemen a resource.

Our aims The aim is to support your luxury lifestyle. Think of ourselves as a cross between your confidante, personal assistant & butler, here to give our personal recommendation. As a luxury influencer we provide you with an online magazine to view as you please and a new membership aimed to support your key concierge needs.

The story behind Gentlemans Butler The son of Pamela Isabel Grenville and Reginald Basil Dupont Grenville. His mother, a true lady exemplified the ethos of grace, style, and etiquette, cultural and social appreciation. She could cook, sew, flower arrange, knew how to put on a great dinner party, instigate conversation and was a fantastic mother. His father, a Virgo like Michael having left school at the age of 14 through hard work and diligence created a network of companies in the building sector. He was a man with a dry wit.

The youngest of 4 children, Michael believes Gentlemans Butler embodies these beliefs. Michael’s love for London, spiritually, comes from my grandfather who was impeccably dressed in his Camel coat and brogues shined to perfection, a fantastic raconteur from Holland Park. He was definitely a true London Gent.

Thank you can be said in many ways but say it. Excellence can be buying a fresh loaf of bread or a pair of fine Italian silk gloves. Expensive does not equal quality nor does cheap mean rubbish.

An interesting world has a place for both the kind hearted as well as the amusing rogue.
Love and romance might be a weekend in Monaco or a boyfriend taking his girlfriend to see his favourite football team.

If you think about James Bond he has that relatively unique mix of machismo and sensuality. This is key to Gentlemans Butler’s thinking, knowing about style, grooming, fragrance whilst loving boys with toys and classic adventure. Gentlemen are not James Bond, so often need some help, which is where Gentlemans Butler comes in. It’s about class, distinction and finding the unique. It’s about “living the dream” whether this is for an hour or for your whole life.

The Gentleman behind Gentlemans Butler The Owner & Editor-in-Chief: Michael Grenville prides himself on being a creative thinker with specialist knowledge of Beauty & Wellbeing, London & Luxury Lifestyle. He loves to link themes with brands, creating editorials with charm, integrity, information and hopefully a little je ne sais quoi. 27 years in the media, communications and entertainment industry; The Luxury Travel market, Luxury Editorial, Middle Eastern Broadcasting Company (MBC) for 7 years, The Olympics, Wimbledon, British Fashion Council as well as an artist’s agent, lecturer in Film and Television at the London College of Communications and prior to running Gentlemans Butler he produced diverse media content for BBC, Channel 4, Five, Sky, Discovery, MBC as well as key corporate and online video content.

Our expertise comes from our team: A team of 4 writers with specialist knowledge from arts and interiors to film, food and fashion. The need for trust is paramount which is why we aim to experience everything.


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