Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book offers unparalleled access to YSL’s highly confidential archives, this stunning fashion book is a rare treat for fashion lovers. The jewel-bright case creates an eye-catching package for this treasure trove of hats, belts, gloves, jewellery and more.

By Patrick Mauriès Published by Phaidon On 02 October 2017

Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book ..

One can never overstate the importance of accessories. They are what turn a dress into something else. I like dresses to be sober and accessories to be wild. – Yves Saint Laurent, 1977

Fifteen years have passed since Yves Saint Laurent’s final runway show at the Centre Pompidou, yet the legacy of the master couturier lives on through his immense archive. Regarded as one of the greatest figures in French fashion, Saint Laurent is celebrated as the inventor of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

luxury fashion book
Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book .

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories, an exclusive homage to, and retrospective of, the iconic fashion designer’s jewellery, hats, belts, gloves, shoes and handbags. For fashion lovers, design enthusiasts or those social butterflies this luxury fashion book is a gem to have and dip in and out of, whether as a source of inspiration for a collection, occasion or something to let you escape into whilst you let the stresses of the world float by.

From his shoes designed with Roger Vivier for the Mondrian dress to his Braque-inspired bird-shaped earrings alongside less-known designs, this compelling survey is the only book to focus exclusively on Saint Laurent’s rarely documented couture accessories.

Yves Saint Laurent belts
Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book ….

For Saint Laurent, perfection in an outfit, as he envisioned it, depended as much on its accessories as it did on the design of the clothing itself. From his inaugural collection in 1962 to his final presentation in 2002, the designer created one-of-a-kind pieces that complemented his legendary couture clothing. Likening accessories to gestures, Saint Laurent described his ornate adornments as ‘objects of dreams’. Yves Saint Laurent Accessories unravels the many inspirations, materials, fantasies and rigour behind each of his timeless and enduring piece.

Yves Saint Laurent millinery
Yves Saint Laurent Accessories luxury fashion book …

Designed and edited in close collaboration with the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, this exquisite publication offers an unprecedented glimpse into the highly confidential and closely guarded archives of the foundation, home to over 20,000 of the couturier’s accessories. Evocative of a deep blue textured jewellery box, this beautifully produced book presents Saint Laurent’s accessories thematically. From the chapters ‘Hand’ to ‘Staging’, ‘Impressions of Africa’ to ‘Hybrid motifs and good-luck charms’, Yves Saint Laurent Accessories brings to light the designer’s creative process and provides an unrivalled insight into how his fashion became art as well as commerce.

Hardback colour and black & white illustrations 432 pages 246 x 189 mm

ISBN: 978 071487 4715

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