Wolford Luxury Ladies Stockings for Special Occasions

Wolford Luxury Ladies Stockings for Special Occasions

You may be surprised to hear that stockings were originally worn by men and made of cloth. It was not until the 1930’s that they were introduced to society with hemlines getting shorter and thus the air of sexuality was introduced. The word Nylons came from their introduction in New York in 1940.

The wonder of such a small piece of fashion is immense. They can make an outfit for a lady, add power, make a grown man blush and certainly are a key element to dressing as a lady.

Thus Gentlemen should take note as it is part of gentility to understand both male and female accruements, and in many ways is at the essence of being civil. How often have you seen James Bond commenting on a ladies look, perfume and style and in fact embodies the mix of masculinity and metrosexual qualities.

This year Mr Mario Testino has been working with Wolford

Homework for the day students. Research the phrases Femme Fatale, Diva and Glamour

The film Funny Face is a definite must and see if you can find a poem which mentions stockings.

Opposites attract, and in a world where we are all told everyone has to be equal, and there is a diatribe of seeing celebrities walking into to their supermarkets, we are told everyone is equal. I bet they then just hand the groceries to their nanny out of site of the cameras. Regardless of whether they do or do not equality is boring.
My mother was always told that she should learn how to change the car tire, her response was why when there was a man to do that. Well this may sound very old fashioned but I love it and long live Vive la Difference….

Look at the art of Burlesque, an art that the paparazzi may think of in relation to stripping but actually they could not be further from the truth as not only are Burlesque shows predominately attended by women or should I say ladies but are ultimately about female empowerment.
Read about her views on femininity and watch a film I produced about Burlesque star Gwendoline Lamour
(please feel free to e-mail us with any questions info@gentlemansbutler.com)

Personally I think Gentlemen buying their loved one a pair of beautiful stockings is a lovely idea.

In the summer Gentlemans Butler visited Wolford’s headquarters in Bregenz in Austria. Since it’s founding in 1950 Wolford has risen to a name associated with both elegance, luxury, sophistication but definitely a company that keeps pushing the boundaries of technology. Read our feature on the area – Bregenz, Austria: A love affair with Constance


Dressing for Society



Wolford Stockings Velvet de luxe 50 stay-up
Wolford Stockings Velvet de luxe 50 stay-up



Wolford Stockings Twenties stay up
Wolford Stockings Twenties stay up



Wolford Stockings Affaire 10 stocking
Wolford Stockings Affaire 10 stocking



Wolford Stockings Naked 8 stay-up
Wolford Stockings Naked 8 stay-up



Wolford Stockings Day & Night stay-up
Wolford Stockings Day & Night stay-up


Royal Wedding.
Yes I know it happens every day but imagine your beloved wife running around preparing for a big occasion and she forgets to buy some or more probably has them laddered by your favourite cat mmmmeouuu … well you could be her Prince Charming as you hand over her present which will I am sure will be received very well.

Luxurious Business Look.
I started to remember some of the scenes in the film “Working Girl”. This is a bit more special than Tess McGill’s (Melanie Griffith) lunch box that she receives from Harrison Ford.
Whatever age we are those big moments often need that special touch.

Cocktail Party
Has to be The Audrey Hepburn look. Make the special night extra special

If you are interested in a Styling Consultation, a Shopping trip for a one off or a complete outfit see our styling services for ladies and gentlemen


If you feel all left out as a Gentleman, fear not as they make some of the most luxurious men’s socks you can buy at not millionaire prices. Super soft and very hard wearing.

To see the mens range and buy – CLICK HERE

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