Travel to Chicago for free by using Premium Outlets

Travel to Chicago for free by using Premium Outlets

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Something very new for Gentlemans Butler!


Premium Outlets Chicago - Tommy Hilfiger -
Premium Outlets Chicago – Tommy Hilfiger –

Chicago Premium Outlets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1650 Premium Outlets Boulevard, Aurora, IL 60502                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Last week courtesy of Premium Outlets Gentlemans Butler visited Chicago to look at style, entertainment and Premium Outlets “city of shops”, a short trip outside the city where you can find major brands for a snip, as we say en Angleterre!

Based on buying presents for Christmas we believe that the massive savings you make on your purchases would pay for your flights and hotels for 2 nights.

Fly out Friday; go out for an evening meal, shop on Saturday and go walk about on Sunday, then catch a Sunday evening flight home. Interested? Yes I thought you might be.

Chicago Premium Outlets is “a city of shops” made up of 120 fashion and designer stores.

Premium Outlets Chicago - Ferragamo -
Premium Outlets Chicago – Ferragamo –

DKNY, Timberland, Max Mara, Converse, Diesel, True Religion as well as a few designer discounts at Michael Kors, Ellie Tahari, Ferragamo and Kate Spade.

Chicago Premium Outlets offers everyday savings of 25% to 65% plus regular sales and a discount coupon book on top!

You can travel by car, limousine, bus or train, located just 45 minutes west of downtown Chicago.
Off I-88, exit at Aurora, Farnsworth Avenue North.


For a European this is certainly an experience of itself.

As I arrived around 1100 immediately I felt I was in a Spanish village, admittedly though a modern one. I suppose the heat, mixed with the Mediterranean colours do give a village feel, plus the sounds of birds.

Yes certainly in the morning it felt quite tranquil, though by early afternoon the centre was busy with all age groups.

If you are after a peaceful atmosphere to shop, this is certainly it.

If you are a man and a Virgo as I am, you are a list person so go for a strategy.

First of all make a provisional list of who you want to buy presents for, a list for yourself and make a note of any promotional offers. Print off the centre map and have a pocket book and pen with you.

Also do remember that you will be travelling home with many more things so think about luggage, possibly visiting the Samsonite store could be useful.

Premium Outlets Chicago - Converse -
Premium Outlets Chicago – Converse –

I found going round once and making notes was good. Then have lunch or a coffee sit down and put your shopping in a priority list, having ready all your discount information at hand. This way not only do you give yourself a bit of breathing space to decide if the purchase is exactly what you want and secondly you are making sure you have discounted all your savings.

Premium Outlets Chicago -
Premium Outlets Chicago –

If you are with a group or people or maybe your partner you could always come up with a challenge or competition. Possibly the one with the least amount of savings has to buy dinner or drinks. There is nothing like a dose of friendly rivalry to add some spice.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are men out there that do not like shopping!! I know, a rare bread! If you are one of these clan then think to yourself …you can drive straight there….you are getting a break abroad basically for free, you do not have to hassle through the crowds and I gather the Americans quite like the English accent. Terrible I know, how dare I think this!

Premium Outlets Chicago - Dooney and Bourke -
Premium Outlets Chicago – Dooney and Bourke –

Personally I loved Timberland for flip flops and boots, DKNY for jeans and tops, Adidas if you are a sports fan, Bose for technology, Calvin Klein and Deisel for weekend casuals. The find for me was Kate Spade “beautiful funky designs – something for the girlfriend” and purses from Dooney and Bourke. Though I did not go in there I could see that Coach and The Sunglass Hut was a top spot.

So all in all a win win situation. 



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