The Kinetic Facelift at the D Thomas clinic, Knightsbridge

The Kinetic Facelift at the D Thomas clinic, Knightsbridge was the answer when looking for a luxurious face treatment to firm and plump. For those looking for luxury beauty with professionalism.

Having had wonderful facial, laser, manicure, pedicure and brow treatments in the past it was a pleasure to be invited to Debbie Thomas’s new salon which opened in the Autumn of 2017. Award-winning, internationally renowned celebrity facialist and advanced skincare and laser expert, the “D. Thomas Clinic” has looked after the likes of celebrity clientele such as Anne Hathaway, Naomie Harris and Poppy Delevingne and so it seems highly appropriate that Michael Grenville of Gentlemans Butler is added to the list…

Zuly using the Enerjet machine at The D Thomas Clinic

This would be my first facelift. Having recently turned 50 and been having facials since my 20’s I am told I have good skin, but some plumping and firming is something that is appreciated.

Situated on the beautiful Walton Street its between Knightsbridge and South Kensington.

Surrounded by residential and commercial property it has an upmarket but minimal laid-back feel.

D.Thomas Clinic 25 Walton Street Chelsea, London SW3 2HU

Opening Times: Monday – Sun, 9am-8pm

D Thomas clinic, Luxury Beauty in Knightsbridge
D Thomas clinic, Luxury Beauty in Knightsbridge

Enerjet /kinetic dermal remodelling energises your beauty and during my visit I included a laser session as well.

The Senior Therapist Zuly used the Enerjet around hair line for lifting + Fotona laser yag for collagen stimulation.

Results of a non-surgical face lift can be achieved using two different approaches – tightening the skin or injecting volume under the skin. With the innovative DNA Kinetic Face Lift, it works by tightening the skin and creating volume using JVR powered Enerjet Technology to achieve a beautifully natural and subtle lift. Targeting the jaw and hair line, it visibly reduces wrinkles whilst lifting the skin around the neck, jawline and hairline for a youthful and supple appearance.

Unlike most skin tightening treatments, the DNA Kinetic Face Lift does not use a heat or needle device to stimulate collagen production. Instead, Enerjet triggers the repair process by creating a physical micro trauma in the deeper layers of the skin, using the kinetic energy of compressed air! This allows the Hyaluronic Acid solution to enter the skin via a tiny micro hole, and spread throughout the deeper layers of skin tissue, effecting up to one centimetre of tissue deep under the surface of the skin. As the burst of product spreads, it can break down and over time, heal scar tissue by improving the texture and depth of the scar tissue. It can also promote deep skin regeneration in mature or photodamaged skin, stimulating new collagen production and improving micro-circulation. This regeneration leads to thicker, plumper and healthier skin, which can mean less noticeable wrinkles and when used in key areas, a more lifted effect.

In line with the D.Thomas clinic ethos, the DNA approach means that in addition to the Enerjet remodelling treatment, the therapist will assess and treat the skin further with additional supportive and repairing elements for the best results.


Treatment Protocol:

STEP 1: Thorough cleanse and either a mild skin specific peel or a light HydraFacial to prepare the skin.

STEP 2: Skin is sanitised in preparation for treatment.

STEP 3: The Enerjet treatment is performed on required areas of the skin.

STEP 4: A mild Fraxcelated Laser Peel using Fotona’s precise and gentle variable square pulse technology to smooth and boost the skin.

STEP 5: Red light therapy is used to stimulate further repair whilst calming the skin.

STEP 6: At the end of the treatment, Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is applied to conceal any redness, so the patient can return to daily life.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is minimal with 1-3 days for the small scabs to heal created by the micro trauma. There may also be some slight swelling in this area for 24-48 hours, although this can go down as quickly as one hour post-treatment. Slight redness can be present for up to 7 days post treatment, however this can be easily concealed by the application of Oxygenetix foundation.

*Best results seen after three treatments

Price: £750 – 60 minutes

Three Treatment Package: £2000

D.Thomas Clinic 25 Walton Street Chelsea, London SW3 2HU

Opening Times: Monday – Sun, 9am-8pm

D Thomas clinic, Knightsbridge
D Thomas clinic, Knightsbridge

Award-winning, internationally renowned celebrity facialist and advanced skincare and laser expert Debbie Thomas opened the doors to her new D. Thomas Clinic in Chelsea in October 2017.

At the elite end of the market its partly about finding an affinity with the feel and style of a clinic but what can be said with no question is they are true professionals and you will be looked after. I definitely felt this and felt they would appeal to those probably that are organic in thinking and those that have a less is more ideology. I was fan in their old guise along the road and was suitably impressed by her new clinic.

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