The Hand and Foot Spa, Chelsea – manicure & pedicure

If you are a fan of Swiss boutiques and Italian modernism I think you will like this addition. Perfect for manicure & pedicure the ambiance is refined, elegant and upmarket, even if your day has been rubbish you will feel fitter, cleaner and more go ahead afterwards.

For me first impressions are important so walking through a covered canopy that juts out into the street, feels like I maybe entering a classic Parisian hotel. Being met at the reception by a smart and friendly face is such a good start. I want to be looked after and I certainly was. Having had my coat taken, parted with my umbrella I was escorted downstairs and immediately greeted by a range of beautiful food. Yes you can have tea, coffee and a cake whilst your paws are preened.

After the standard client details are taken I was taken to a dedicated Gentlemen’s Pedicure room, you can choose this or not as you like. I have found one big distraction when having a pedicure is the seat, be it the lack of comfort or the fact that one is being asked to perform yoga so your therapist can reach your toes. This was not the case here as they have thought things through having built bespoke seat/thrones with a table for ones tea, a magazine in hand and a leg rest.

There is an overall emphasis on hygiene; you see the implements being taken out of sterile packaging which I found reassuring.

My Spanish chiropodist/pedicurist looked the part and certainly knew her stuff. Scrubs and machines at the ready she talked me through my sports pedicure. As I had broken my leg skiing when I was young there was insightful comment about the way I walked and how this impacts on my feet and suggestions about remedying this. The smell of Vanilla, gives one the feeling of cleanliness and nourishment. It also happens to be one of my favourite scents. The conversation flowed but I still had time for a good read and time to enjoy my tea. About an hour later my feet felt smooth, clean and refreshed.

I had opted for an express manicure as I like both hands and feet to be done at the same. I liked their timepiece “nurse” branding with the watch, very smart. Again I could tell she was well trained, she asked whether I wanted my nails square or rounded questions I like to hear.

For gentlemen who may wonder why bother, I say ask your girlfriend or wife’s view on your feet? After a game of rugby or a long walk how wonderful does it feel to put your feet in a bowl of hot water, take that thought and multiply by ten? If you have never had a pedicure you might be amazed about the difference. The secret is to find the right place, The Hand and Foot Spa is certainly this.

The Hand and Foot Spa

153, Fulham Road SW3 6SN

+44 (0)20 7589 1070

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