Tahiti and the love islands, the perfect luxury travel experience

Tahiti and the love islands, the perfect luxury travel experience is Gentlemans Butler’s introduction to the natural beauties of French Polynesia. An experience to feed your emotional being and perfect for a truly magical romantic and luxury travel experience.

Huahine paradise
Tahiti and the love islands – Our man in Huahine

When you fall in love many people will say …..”it was the chemistry” “we clicked”

Huahine local boats
Tahiti and the love islands – Your morning commute takes on a different feel

Gentlemans Butler focuses greatly on life’s sensualities, whether that might be the warmth of the person, the luxury touch of the fabric, the mood of a rooms interior or the natural beauty of nature.

Tahiti sunset
Tahiti and the love islands – Nature supplying its own love story

Even without knowing too much about Tahiti, the name conjures up a world of mystical beauty. French Polynesia with Tahiti and Bora Bora being the most famous are genuinely something different and should definitely be in your top five luxury travel experiences if romance is a priority.

Courting …Men wear flower on left hand side

Tahitian courting
Tahiti and the love islands – Idyllic flowers are central to Tahitian courting

French Polynesia is proper long-distance travel pretty much wherever you are coming from with New Zealand being its closest neighbour six hours away and from Europe it’s a day’s travel, with one hop to LA, changing planes and another onto Tahiti.  As we took off from Los Angeles LAX you leave the long vertical west coast of the United States heading west and you look down and on the map for the next 10 hours you are flying over water.

Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean
Tahiti and the love islands – The vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean

It was only then that it really dawned on me that even in the 21st century I felt like I was discovering a new world, so imagine what Lieutenant William Bligh and his men felt.

Tahiti tropical lush flora
Tahiti and the love islands – The tropical lush interiors

I am a man that takes some impressing, but I did have a feeling inside that I was doing something a little different and in many ways, I was looked to be wowed and even maybe wooed.

Tahiti and the love islands - Taha'a sunset skies
Tahiti and the love islands – Coconut trees offering dramatic and inspiring sunset skies over the island of Taha’a

The Islands were found on these feelings, the British sailors were enchanted by the islanders soft lilting voices and we’re certainly a change from the formal society they left. I gather the islanders reciprocated being enamoured by their ships, big white sails and guns which all goes to show opposites attract.


Dance is integral to the culture. Have a read about the cultures of Heiva

Heiva comes from the words hei, meaning to assemble, and va, meaning community places. So really, Heiva pertains to anything from activities and pastimes to physical exercise, dance, and movement.

Tahiti turquoise seas
Tahiti and the love islands – Stunning turquoise seas

The movement and feel of the whole region has a romantic emotion to it, from the flowers in the hair, colourful fabrics

Tahiti's tropical and vibrant fabric colours
Tahiti and the love islands – Tropical and vibrant fabric colours

to the musical sounds. In many ways, it is like the people and nature are dancing together and represents a true antidote to the modern world and certainly characters that impress when looking for your luxury travel experience.

Dancing ladies in Huahine
Tahiti and the love islands – Dancing ladies in Huahine

When someone says tropical paradise to me I think of love. Whether it’s the fact I want to be there with a person I love or whether I want to escape to a place to be in love or fall in love that’s what I think.

Tahiti Seas
Tahiti and the love islands – Seas that make you drift away

I remember years ago telling a new girlfriend I wanted to make love to a beautiful hotel room I was staying in and seem to remember I received a chorus of loving laughter but heh, and nature can do this as well. Ultimately these are about one’s senses or emotions being heightened, something that is at the core of Gentlemans Butler’s ethos.

island of Taha'a
Tahiti and the love islands – Overwater bungalos offering dramatic and inspiring skies on the island of Taha’a

You need to open yourself up to feel these things as to fall deeply in love you cannot be closed and as we now we can fall in love with people, places and things as well as just a state of mind, and we believe sensuality is at the core of luxury.

Huahine Beaches
Tahiti and the love islands – Beaches with nobody in sight

Most of us remember a point on holiday when one’s stresses start to feel eased and we start to forget about our problems.

Tahiti black sands beach
Tahiti and the love islands – Morning views over black sands

For me it was when I had just arrived at my hotel in Huahine when I found a vista with everything…. I sat with a beer and made some notes in my diary, then the skies darkened and a tropical thunderstorm ensued.

Tranquility in Huahine
Tahiti and the love islands – Tranquility in Huahine

I was the only one out but it was magical and I started to nearly nod off which is usually a sign I am relaxing. These moments are very special and worth not only treasuring but storing in the back of one’s mind when life is not playing ball so much.

Tahiti Turquoise waters
Tahiti and the love islands – The Turquoise waters are mesmerising

To really enjoy Tahiti and French Polynesia I believe you need to try to forget one’s western sensibilities and take in the pure and emotional power of its beauty.

If you have not visited the region before I think very quickly you will notice the loving sensibilities of the peoples.

Polynesia's capital Papeete
Tahiti and the love islands – Wander through the streets of French Polynesia’s capital Papeete

What’s important to the people ….most important thing is the family….big families with lots of parties…. Liking to be close …playing the guitar …. Braying….

TaEvening skies over Huahine
Tahiti and the love islands – Evening skies over Huahine

On a practical note, you will be visiting one of, if not the most expensive destinations in the world so apart from a few exceptions try not to expect the same luxurious service on tap in the major western destinations. They are available but its worth planning your trip and being honest about what your priorities are. I would recommend you use a high-end travel companies/destination management company who can organise a bespoke itinerary to really make your luxury travel experience. Though we have not used Black Tomato yet we have met and spoken with them and found them both friendly and helpful. I know that French Polynesia is one of their areas. In addition, if you would like to call us on +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or e-mail info@gentlemansbutler.com we will be happy to give you feedback and offer further assistance (Gentlemans Butler Membership Services)

Wellbeing – Tahitian massage from babies upwards and beauty pageants such as Miss Tahiti are part of the culture. I experienced a fantastic massage in Tahiti 

Tahiti Pearls and shells
Tahiti and the love islands – Pearls and shells

To me this would make a perfect destination to get away from life completely for a few weeks. Three weeks I think would be perfect

Tahiti flora
Tahiti and the love islands – The abundance of flora on the islands feeds the soul

I would fly into LA and maybe even stopover

Spend two to three of days in Tahiti,

Tahiti Intercontinental Hotel
Tahiti and the love islands – Tahiti Intercontinental

have a wander, definitely see the interior which we will elaborate more on in our second feature.  For your true luxury travel experience hire a helicopter and be dropped on an island, be served lunch on the water and then be picked up later.

Tahiti Clear turquoise waters
Tahiti and the love islands – Clear turquoise waters

After this take Air Tahiti (good internal airline serving 47 islands) www.airtahiti.com and go and discover some islands spending probably two/three nights in each.

Air Tahiti
Tahiti and the love islands – Air Tahiti flies across the islands

Include two nights on a Boat Charter.

Tahiti By yacht
Tahiti and the love islands – By yacht you can find your deserted tropical islands

Depending on how much you like boats, I loved the different experience and perspective it offered and cruising through the turquoise blue waters is nothing but majestic.

Tahiti yacht charter
Tahiti and the love islands – Anchoring the yacht in sheltered bays whilst the dinner is prepared

End off with a stay on Bora Bora to crown your luxury travel experience. I did not stay there personally but this seems the one place where you can expect proper top-class hotels and a true luxury travel experience.

Tahiti yacht
Tahiti and the love islands – On your yacht let others do the work

Unwind in your love cocoon, be pampering and take in what I imagine has been a passionate few weeks taking in the emotional side of both the place and the peoples you met. Recharge your batteries and return home with maybe one or two new ways of looking at life as well as a great tan and lots of pampering.

Tahiti Rainbows
Tahiti and the love islands – Rainbows offering optimism and are deeply romantic

Go an experience a part of the world that has unrivalled beauties, both physically and emotionally and bring back memories of the swaying trees and the tropical sounds of peoples who place great importance on their emotional wellbeing. It really is stunningly beautiful.

Huahine beach
Tahiti and the love islands – Morning peace in Huahine

Tahiti Tourisme – For more information on The Islands of Tahiti visit: www.tahiti-tourisme.co.uk

Tahiti warm winds
Tahiti and the love islands – Let the peace and warm winds blow over you

The main carrier to Tahiti is Air Tahiti Nui – www.airtahitinui.co.uk – Air Tahiti Nui is the national carrier to French Polynesia with departures from Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Auckland to Tahiti with connecting flights available from London with Virgin Atlantic.

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