Spring Cleaning: Employing a Cleaner

Employing a cleaner. As we head into springtime the subject of cleaning and having a good clear-out may well be ringing in your ears, so we thought some suggestions and comments may be helpful

At last glance it was estimated that in the UK half a million people work in the private cleaning sector and the return to the taxpayer is at least £5 billion.


Apparently this is now as big it was before World War Two.

It’s interesting because as I started writing this article, my mind turned to think of all the people I know, many of whom employ a cleaner, but in nearly every case I have never seen or met these people, predominately ladies who make such big differences to many peoples life’s .

The psychology is fascinating, it’s very much part of the English psyche, the overriding middle class values of this country that reflect the idea that pampering oneself is bad, particularly for many men, or indeed the fact that many feel the need to try to show to the outer world that they are mowing the grass, cleaning the kitchen, ironing the shirts etc etc. A little exaggerated maybe, but the core of the thread I think to be true.

I wonder for example how many people make their bed when in a hotel, even if a maid is coming round to do it for them.
If you are interested in booking a cleaner Gentlemans Butler can organise this for you, however whichever route you go down try to have a plan.
In many ways you are making a massive decision, as this person will be able to see your life, warts and all so it’s important you are conformable with them.
Create a schedule and preferably write a job description as if you were employing an executive PA as the similarities might surprise you.

Doherty Evans & Stott
Doherty Evans & Stott


A good professional and friendly cleaner can be worth their weight in gold. In the past I have had cleaners who not only clean the home from top to toe but have had curtains made, bring flowers, buy cleaning materials and in general add massive value to home life.

Initially get a note book and create a wish list, then create two columns, likes and dislikes. You should be honest about these, whatever they maybe, even if for some bazaar reason you hate a certain brand of disinfectant, maybe because your ex-husband was The Managing Director or you only like the colour Pink, in which case maybe you are a big Barbara Cartland fan!!

You should think of the hours you expect them to work and what you expect to be achieved in this time, a schedule of appropriate days…”not Tuesday because I play in a pretend thrash metal band”….”not Thursday as my wife holds a wine class”….you know that sort of thing.

Once you have finished your lists, likes, dislikes, wishes, make sure this fits your budget. Now write this up into a job specification. It may seem a little OTT but most likely they will at least think you take this seriously and will equally be able to see what you are expecting.

If you want a complete cleaning manual then of course we could add and comment in greater detail, but you may be surprised how many people are very hap hazard about such a trusting position with a bit of “ oh yes a bit of dusting, hoover and every so often get the mop out sort of thing” approach.

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And yes, once this is all agreed let them get on with it unless you are of course Margot Leadbetter.
Nearly all working relationships will need feedback, so do this earlier rather than later otherwise you will go to bed, dreaming of Domestos, not something that is conducive to sleep .

On a personal comment I have had the pleasure of some superb cleaners who have added a massive amount to my life.
Where ever you are have a lovely Easter or Spring break.

Gentlemans Butler offer many services to our readers and clients.
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