A meeting with specialist gift website www.askherfriends.com

A meeting with specialist gift website www.askherfriends.com

Imagine you’re back in the 90’s…

You’re swimming in a rough sea and trying to reach the beach …

You’re swimming… swimming… struggling against the big waves… and suddenly… You start to drown slowly…

Dear readers, be reassured: you are in the 90’s, remember… Mitch Buchannon is there to keep an eye on you! Indeed Mitch from the unforgettable “Baywatch” is guarding the Beach and has seen you with his red binoculars that you had, well a little problem.

He plunges into the waves and saves your life!

Happy end…

Now, back to 2013…  Christmas is getting closer and you don’t have any ideas for your “CHRISTMAS GIRLFRIEND GIFT”… You’re swimming, swimming and swimming again in a sea of potential ideas. Yet nothing comes and you start to drown… You feel like giving up, and then…


“Askherfriends” is your Mitch Buchannon!

Jewellery products range of Askherfriends
Jewellery products range of Askherfriends

 “www.askherfriends.com” is indeed a specialist gift website featuring a large selection of products sourced from unique Designers to help you select the perfect gift for the women of your lives.


Every time…


For every budget…


How does it work?

Visitors to “www.askherfriends.com” are asked to answer a handful of questions including their relationships with the recipient, her typical style, hobbies and interests. From this the website suggests a selection of matched gift ideas.

Finally the buyer can even use the website to consult the woman’s friends on the gift shortlist via social media or by email.


Original mugs and cups from Askherfirends
Original mugs and cups from Askherfirends

More than a concept it is a real game between different people to test their ideas, inspirations and knowledge about people… It’s a challenge and a good idea to avoid “being under water” during this “gift period” time… Isn’t it?


“www.askherfriends.com” was founded by the arguably most romantic boy the world has ever known: Ben Blomerley.

 “Once upon a time” Ben tried to be creative with his girlfriend and bought her a worm farm. (I am sure you think that you are in good and safe hands now).

Well, needless to say, she is no more his girlfriend…

Ben still claims that she liked it but it was not exactly the most romantic gift and he decided there had to be a better way of choosing gifts. This was the inspiration behind creating “www.askherfriends.com”.

More seriously, Gentleman’s Butler has found this concept really innovative and the range of products is well-thought through with a touch of edginess.

Cute deer tablerunner
Cute deer tablerunner

We especially liked the “Twinkle Bobble Hat” from Vibe Skov Bjerrehuu ( but don’t try to pronounce it please).

It’s a knitted bobble hat decorated with subtle sequins: the perfect accessory to keep your love… or tender… cosy this winter.

Also, the small leather handbag from Kausar is an absolute sensation of vintage, history and fashion touch. The bag contains a crystal and elaborate chiffon handkerchief with inspirational quotes and photographic images from a bygone era of courageous, empowered women as a reminder that with a self-belief anything is possible… The Gentleman’s Butler Girl’s Team fell in love with … Shhhhh… Ask her friends… You will see…


Kausar handbag: an incredible touch of vintage
Kausar handbag: an incredible touch of vintage

GB rates: 76% of energy, passion and innovation. A good start which deserves to be underlined, but we look forward to seeing an even larger choice.


To ask her friends… your friend… or the website… Click here:


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