Quiqup food delivery app – puts the luxury back in your life

Quiqup food delivery app – puts the luxury back in your life

Here at Gentlemans Butler we like to introduce you to services that let you put your feet up.

Recently we came across Quiqup the app that delivers anything you want, whenever you want it. We always strive to make sure you have the most amount of time to do the things you want, so everyone else can work whilst you have a pedicure!!

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QUIQUP – London based luxury delivery app

Quiqup is your dream PA, but wearing a digital dress, so to speak. From every restaurant in London that offers takeaway, Quiqup’s mission is to deliver anything from anywhere with the touch of a button. You will be assigned your personal Quiqie, a first class delivery driver, keeping you updated throughout the delivery and priding themselves on the guarantee that they can deliver absolutely anything.

If you a fan of technology that lets you do more of the things you like The Quiqup app is available for download on the app store or read more about our Quiqup adventures on Instagram @Quiqup.


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