Philips Steam Iron for your Maid or Butler

Philips Steam Iron for your Maid or Butler

A steam iron is a must to provide your staff with excellent luxury domestic products. As you may well know Gentlemans Butler aims to bring you the best luxury products and services for you and your staff to use.
Our new strand “Luxury Lifestyle Living” will cover etiquette, interior design, domestic cleaning, cars & celebrity.

Philips PerfectCare Pure Steam generator iron

domestic servants, luxury irons, steam irons, maids equipment
Philips Steam Iron, perfect for your maids and servants to produce a perfect result

Iron your garments without adjusting the temperature thanks to the revolutionary OptimalTEMP technology. Compact and lightweight design for easier storage. 99% calc-free, Pure Steam anti-scale cartridges increase product life by 5 times

I can remember years ago when I was starting my television career I was told by a Producer that they should have at least tried every job under their supervision. I think this ethos is a good one, partly because you will get more respect and secondly because if you know the job roles then it will stop the wool being pulled over your eyes. The knowledge I gained from my father who worked in the building world helped me greatly when dealing with my building renovations.

domestic servants, luxury irons, steam irons, maids equipment
Perfect ironing for a luxury household

For many ladies and gentlemen probably the first service they will come across for their home will be that of a cleaner.
The following article Gentlemans Butler wrote on hiring a cleaner may well be useful.
Spring Cleaning: Employing a Cleaner
I have had my cleaner for over 10 years and she irons, cleans mends clothes and gives me relationship advice, I am not joking!

luxury servants, perfect ironing, the best irons
Give your maid the best equipment they need to give you the best results

When starting any job one needs to check ones tools, and the iron has to be central to this.
This is particularly true for Gentlemen who really do not know one end of an ironing board from another. If you are one of those men please feel free to contact us at and we can help you on your way.

We may well have seen photographs of hotel laundries or clothes factories where pressing of garments are associated with the sound and heat of steam. Steam is used in many ways with the care of garments and Philips have created their Perfect Care Pure Steam generator iron which brings all those traditional benefits without you needing to build a new room just for the iron.

luxury cleaning, luxury irons, domestic servants equipment
Philips Steam Irons delivery perfection fit for your luxury lifestyle

Upto 2 times faster than a steam iron and with no temperature control needed.
My cleaner loves this. She says its faster, easier and gives a better result, and I would agree.

Impressive, very much so.

Buy Philips Steam Generating Iron online from John Lewis

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