Ormonde Jayne London, Black Gold, Precious Oils Perfume

Ormonde Jayne London, Black Gold, Precious Oils Perfume. Exclusive to Harrods.

Recently I was kindly invited to the launch of Ormonde Jayne’s Black Gold.

Arriving at the very chic Parisian tea room Laduree  now loved internationally for its iconic macaroons, a wonderful breakfast was served whilst we were told the story of Black Gold’s creation, and its exceptionally expensive and beautiful ingredients.
I became aware of Ormonde Jayne some time ago, initially homing in on their branding which is chic, stylish but with an English sensibility about it.

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold perfume
Ormonde Jayne Black Gold perfume

The first indelible impression of Black Gold is both an elegant and sensual perfume. In many ways black is not the easiest of colours to deal with but the name Black Gold conjures up several images close to my heart. First the Arab world, a place I have worked for many years. It conjures up imagery of wonderful Bedouins dressed in black on horseback, the feel of heat and the desert, all of which are very powerful images.
Gold is a mystical colour and precious metal that has bedazzled civilisation. Even Ormonde Jayne’s packaging has a touch of hedonism, reminding me of the black interiors of Victoriana and even a touch of Anglo Chinese décor from Asia.
Black Gold is intensely constructed; a masterpiece of sultry refined and cultivated nuances. Its immediate appeal is entirely devoted to being fearless, cool and provocative enough to tempt one into forbidden waters.

‘The most important aspect of creating the perfume was searching for the most absolut ‘absolue’ oils. Finding a quality of sandalwood 20 classes better than other sandalwoods, and that voyage was the lengthiest but the most enjoyable aspect in the creation of Black Gold. Each ingredient was extensively researched and the final perfume was a labour of love.’
Founder and Creator of Ormonde Jayne, Linda Pilkington

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold perfume
Ormonde Jayne Black Gold perfume

Ormonde Jayne ‘Black Gold’ Notes

bergamot, lemon, mandarine, clary sage, juniper berry

orchids, rose, water lilies, jasmine, carnation absolute

oudh, schinus molle, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, labdanum, moss,
musk, cedar, ambrette seed, amber
Ormonde Jayne Black Gold

Price: £420 / 120ml eau de parfum (poured at 50%)

Available exclusively from Harrods and Harrods.com

Ormonde Jayne
Black Hall
Ground Floor





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