No.Fifty Cheyne luxury Chelsea Dining, restaurant with class


No.Fifty Cheyne luxury Chelsea Dining, restaurant with class. Chelsea is a quintessential area for Gentlemans Butler blending creativity with class and elegance, a focus on service and a feeling of refined serenity without being sterile.

No. Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant

These are qualities that the luxury restaurant No.Fifty Cheyne has in abundance which is why my stress levels went down as I walked through the door and had a smile on my face all night.

50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 5LR
020 7376 8787

So why….

The Lady Butler and I hopped on the number 22 bus, which is definitely the most elite London bus and then walked along Chelsea embankment taking in an early summers evening, till we saw the roses adorning the entrance of the restaurant.

Walking in we had some gentle banter, that was a moment of charm which is exactly what Chelsea does best.

No.Fifty Cheyne
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant-Entrance

Being greeted with a calm smile we were seated, myself on a chair and the Lady Butler on the bench style seat, surrounded each side by dark olive toned bolsters which was immediately commented on by her as giving her a good feeling emotionally and aesthetically. Both of us were properly comfortable with space for legs and the table at the right height. You may say well this is a luxury restaurant to which I would say “I have been to many top end restaurants and hotels where I am not comfortable”. It’s all about zen as well. If you do not feel physically and emotionally comfortable then the experience will have an uphill battle to please.

No.Fifty Cheyne
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant Interior

All the normal niceties of staff introducing themselves were undertaken and then onto the menu. Enough choice but not a dictionary of choice. Starter, main and pudding …… hoorah I say. Don’t get me wrong seven courses is lovely on occasion but in general three courses is perfect for me so the menu was just the right amount of choice and The Lady Butler is a vegetarian verging on vegan and had a splendid meal. 

No.Fifty Cheyne Cocktails
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant Cocktails

Cocktails to start with although my mint julip “Julep No.50” was a tad on the rocket fuel side, note to self about having something more calming in the future.


The Lady Butler started with green beans and artichoke salad with truffle vinaigrette which was occompanied with a glass of: 2017 La Moussiere Sancerre from the Loire giving elegance, balance, fresh with tones of apple citrus.

Green beans
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant-Green beans

I started with the watercress and nettle soup with parmesan cream, which tasted as good as it looked and had a glass of Puligny – Montrachet 2016. Perfectly smooth Chardonay with essences of a butter, oak, minerals and smoke.

Watercress soup
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant Watercress soup


My lady chose the vegetarian dish of fresh Hispi cabbage with Heritage tomatoes, spring vegetables and asparagus sauce, accompanied by a light smooth Pinot noir “Nuits St Georges Les Hauts Pruliers.  

No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant - Hispi Cabbage
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant – Hispi Cabbage

And I the Herdwick lamb rump and shoulder with ratatouille, Saffron potatoes and herb broth washed down by a full bodied 2010 Chateau Gloria Bordeaux with essences of tobacco and plum.

Herdwick lamb
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant Herdwick lamb

The Sommelier was a charming Spanish lady. I always feel that the art of a top level experience is a person who can converse with a customer with expert knowledge and engage on that level but equally talk with someone that knows little but transfers their wishes without belittling them. I often like to give a couple of general hints about likes and then let the sommelier choose. When I said this was my intention I was greeted with a broad smile and a comment about how much she loved this approach. The results were genuinely spot on to.


Definitely and I might admit to being a little traditional but I adore pretty much most puddings so I chose the Crème brulee and my lovely lady the hot chocolate fondant, salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Creme brulee
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant Creme brulee

Coffee and worth a special mention for their choice of crockery design and indeed the choice of glasses, cutlery and design in general. All elegant but with a definite touch of bohemia and just when you think you might be too predictable don’t close your eyes as the choice of art and the niceties of style are weaved in with thought and purpose all with the view to providing relaxation, comfort, sensuality and serenity.

After dinner coffee
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant – The Lady Butler enjoing after dinner coffee… time to let life drift away

The other clientele were a mixture of what you might expect Russian, French and with a good number of Brits. Its high class relaxed.

As you can tell we liked very much and had a memorable evening. Definitely one for the diary.

No. Fifty Cheyne

Head Chef Iain Smith and Head Bartender Max Berrington. 

Lunch: Tuesday to Sunday – Midday ’til 3.00pm
Dinner: Monday to Sunday – 5pm ’til 11.30pm

Mon to Fri – 5.30pm ’til Midnight
Sat & Sun – Midday ’til Midnight

50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London, SW3 5LR

Battersea Bridge
No.Fifty Cheyne Luxury Chelsea Restaurant- After a lovely evening a stroll by Battersea Bridge

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Twitter: @50cheyne

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