The new luxury fragrance House of CREED

The new luxury fragrance House of CREED in Mayfair. Returning the brand to its original London roots for the first time since 1854, the House of Creed – passed from father to son through seven generations – is proud to launch an exclusive boutique this Autumn in Mayfair’s Mount Street, for visitors to discover and enjoy the art of fine fragrance.
Creed, 99 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TF
Opening Times: Mondays-Saturdays 10am-6pm
020 7495 1795
RRP: £175 (75ml)

Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London

Refined, with class and an air of individuality are probably the way I might refer to Creed.
I am not a nose but I am someone who loves to smell good myself and particularly, personally speaking, in the opposite sex. In fact I have been fascinated by the impact that a beautiful scent can have as the film “Scent of a Woman” & “Perfume” discovered.
I know a lot of friends who say people have a certain smell, i.e. their natural smell.
Here at Gentlemans Butler we try to be very open minded as this is what makes the world fascinating.
Buying a luxury item for oneself or another can have multiple chapters to the story… from the walking through the door of an exquisite store, to the choosing, obviously the fragrance itself, the bottle and then the feeling one has of giving or wearing and the stories that delivers.
I had been invited to a store opening of Creed who have returned to London with a boutique that reminds one of a fine and elegant jewellery store. In fact think of it as a destination of luxury scent discovery, a scented haven of sophistication.
There are many brands out there for purveyors of luxury but what is increasing defining them is their thinking, staying true to their soul and beliefs, thus giving the brand credence and indeed one could say status and class. This is what Creed has by the bucket load and both the fragrances are refined but in my opinion the Ladies fragrance “Royal Princess Oud” is simply divine and conjures up a lady not of just beauty but a soft sensual mystique. It definitely ticked my boxes.

Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London bag
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London bag

The House of Creed since 1760, has introduced the highest quality, hand blended original perfumes which fuse historical family techniques and values with innovation.
The new boutique celebrates all that makes Creed so unique – from its rich history that originated in London and is now globally renowned, to its integrity as a true luxury fragrance house demonstrated by the complexity, sophistication and breadth of its range.
Offering the ultimate sensorial experience for fragrance aficionados, the new UK flagship store is designed to exhibit the vast library of Creed’s much-loved scents, married with immaculate customer service in a luxurious environment. It will house the widest selection of Creed fragrances in the UK and, moving forward, will introduce some which have previously been exclusive to other countries that cannot be bought elsewhere in the UK.
Respecting the aesthetics of Mount Street’s Queen Anne revival style architecture, the floor-to-ceiling store window invites visitors into a world of fine fragrance that combines both tradition and modernity, with the craftsmanship that Creed is heralded for.
In addition to the luxuries on view there is a lower ground floor which will offer a private and comfortable environment in which to experience bespoke fragrance consultations.
Since moving to Paris under the patronage of Empress Eugenie in 1854, where two boutiques remain today, the House of Creed celebrates a return to its London origins. It coincides with the release of the aptly named Royal Mayfair, a vaulted scent that will be previewed at the Mount Street boutique for a limited period.
Nestled between luxury fashion houses such as Celine and Balenciaga, shoe designers including Nicholas Kirkwood and Christian Louboutin and Mayfair institutions such as Harry’s Bar and Scott’s, the arrival of the House of Creed is set to further strengthen Mount Street’s reputation as a world-class shopping destination.

Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London - Royal Princess Oud Bottle
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London – Royal Princess Oud Bottle

The House of Creed debuts ROYAL PRINCESS OUD,
A modern and captivating fragrance that connects the House’s rich tailoring heritage and legacy of immaculate couture to the art and craftsmanship of Creed’s fragrance making expertise today.
The Concept inspired by early 19th century costume sketches made by third generation tailor and perfumer Henry Creed II, the House’s sixth generation and current Master Perfumer, Olivier Creed has created ROYAL PRINCESS OUD – a magnificent woody floral fragrance centred around iris at the heart and oud at the base. Like the glamourous ritual of bespoke dressing no matter the occasion, from high tea to grand balls, this enchanting scent is like a modern day little red dress.
“After seeing the sketches for the first time, I could picture the scent in my mind” shares Olivier Creed. “The use of red garments in these designs struck me as incredibly empowering and beautiful for women, not just of that period but for all time. I knew instinctively that Oud – both expensive and rare – would be perfect to embody this magical accord”. Over twenty volumes of sketch books reveal a time in the family’s history when the House of Creed dominated the art of tailoring in London for the most stylish socials in history, both men and women. Every page is filled with designs, each one more beautiful than the last. Some are inscribed with the names of aristocratic clients while others leave the identity to the imagination.

Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London - Royal Princess Oud
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London – Royal Princess Oud

ROYAL PRINCESS OUD is the first scent created to celebrate this unique era of the Creed family’s history, before the House became synonymous with creating the highest quality fragrances, as it is known today. The Fragrance an intentionally modern and youthful take on oud, opens with top notes of bitter Sicilian Bergamot, intoxicating Rose and sweet Violet. The middle notes are a fragrant bouquet of Jasmine and Vanilla Absolute essential oils, sparkling Aldehyde, herbaceous Patchouli and subtle Iris from Tuscany. The scent finishes with Benjoin Siam, a sweet gum resin with an aroma similar to vanilla from Thailand; Sandalwood from the south of India; Styrax – an ancient resin extracted from the bark of shrubs in Asia and, of course, Oud.
ROYAL PRINCESS OUD is created using a labour-intensive method which preserves the authenticity of each scent’s ingredients without the use of preservatives. Rare raw materials gathered across the five continents are steeped and distilled by the skilful hands of the Creed family in a labour of love.
The Bottle The striking bottle, with a gradient striking ruby hue, was designed in partnership with luxury glass bottle maker, Pochet de Courval using their own unique hand-crafted process, after which, ROYAL PRINCESS OUD is hand-poured into the bottles at the Creed factory near Fontainebleau, before the cap is proudly hand stamped with Creed’s logo.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Rose, Violet Heart Notes: Jasmine Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Aldehyde, Patchouli, Iris Base Notes: Siamese Benzoin, Mysore Sandalwood, Styrax, Oud



Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London - Royal Mayfair Bottle
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London – Royal Mayfair Bottle

The House of Creed presents Royal Mayfair. A vaulted scent that celebrates one of history’s most fashioned royals and the heralded neighbourhood that has not only served as the go-to place for luxury menswear, but is also the location of Creed’s new fragrance wardrobe shopping destination.
The Concept Honouring the Duke of Windsor – the British royal synonymous with taking risks in life, love and style who left a lasting impression on men’s fashion – Royal Mayfair is an homage to sartorial icons who push traditional fashion boundaries and captures the spirit of these trend setters.
Royal Mayfair is a masterful creation of Fourth Generation Perfumer Henry Creed III, touted as the skilful nose who paved the House’s first inroads in servicing the political elite and continued tradition of royalty commissions. At the time, Henry mirrored the Duke’s heralded flair – unconventional, yet stately and fuelled with individuality – with a bespoke scent to reflect his distinguished style.

Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London - Royal Mayfair
Creed Luxury fragrance boutique 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London – Royal Mayfair

Now, nearly 80 years after it’s original commission and limited re-issues in 2010 and 2011, the aptly named Royal Mayfair debuts in the UK, at a time when men’s style is more prominent than ever and Mayfair continues to thrive as one of the globe’s most desirable fashion hubs for the super stylish and elite.
The scent as modern then as it is today with ingredients grown across the British Empire, Royal Mayfair is a fresh green scent that opens with British Gin, Jamaican Lime and a touch of Scottish Highland Pine. Middle notes are filled with strong fragrant Duke of Windsor Roses and finishes with base notes of Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar and Australian Eucalyptus.
Royal Mayfair was born using a labour-intensive process which preserves the originality of each scent’s ingredients without the use of preservatives. The result is raw and rare materials gathered across continents that have been steeped and distilled by the skilful hand of the Creed family.
“Royal Mayfair is one of the most modern accords that truly transcends decades” shares Olivier Creed, Sixth Generation Master Perfumer at The House of Creed. “We know our clients are passionate about this scent and feel it important for them to be able to experience it permanently.”
The bottle was designed in partnership with Pochet de Courval, the nearly 400- year-old luxury glass bottle maker and long-time collaborator of House of Creed. Created with their signature hand-crafted process, the fragrance is then hand-poured into bottles at the Creed factory near Fontainebleau, France, and ready to adorn vanities around the world once finished with the hand stamped cap with the Creed logo.
Top Notes: British Gin, Jamaican Lime, Scottish Highland Pine
Heart Notes: Fragrant Duke of Windsor Roses
Base Notes: Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar and Australi

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