Melogy London Luxury Gentlemans Shave & Haircut

Melogy London Luxury Gentlemans Shave & Haircut

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Riding through London on a sunny afternoon on a Red London Bus is still a wonderful way to travel. Another London icon is St Pancras Railway station in Kings Cross. For so long this beautiful building has been empty but now the Renaissance Hotel with its historic rooms nestles comfortably with the train station. I am so thrilled this enterprise is now full of life. Think of classic British black and white movies such as Brief Encounter. I would love to see the return of little cafes, bars and shops on or close to rail platforms. You enter through what was the original ticket hall, now the hotel reception, through another door and in sight of the platform is Melogy.

Melogy is a grooming salon for gentlemen, providing shaving, hairdresser and facial services. I was met by Dan Gregory, The Artistic Director and managed a quick hello with the founder Carmelo Guastella, both off whom came from The Refinery. Dan is a smart and highly amiable young gentlemen, with that scouse wit makes me feel at home instantly. Jacket taken, comfy seat and glass of champagne, puts one at ease.

With no hurry I am shown to my barbers chair, an original classic and again one thinks of so many films with iconic shaving scenes ….the setting is perfect. The wonderful thing about this experience is the simplicity. Like so many things in life is just about doing it very well. As I was going to find out Dan is a master, he tells me “it’s all in the prep”, and I try to forget that’s exactly what my plasterer says as well! The ethos: use hot towels to soften the bristles, clean water, great products and shave 1, 2 and 3 times. Lying back with scented hot towels on your face is so relaxing.

For my mini facial they use Dermilogica and again the concept is simplicity. I have had many facials in my life and was slightly skeptical about whether this one would work, but my concerns were to be proved wrong as my skin felt wonderful and full of energy.

As my hair is very short, the clippers were used with great ease. Even the shampoo had thinking behind the choice. Dan says ”If you would not put it on your face don’t put on your hair”

Melogy’s client list includes wealthy Arab Gentlemen, many of whom have their manservant/butlers shave them, so putting their trust in Dan says something. When I visited the salon had about 4 other gentlemen including a couple of businessmen in deep conversation over a drink, all of whom value their appearance. In the same way as having a manicure or putting on a great suit or beautiful pair of brogues, walking out with my skin feeling and looking trim adds a more zip to ones stride, well worth a visit and great before getting on a train to go away for the weekend.

Have a think about which famous films have shaving scenes in them?

“Alexander the Great was a firm believer in the act of shaving as an aid to military expediency. One story says that after losing to the Persians, Alexander’s army met with them to discuss the peace treaty. Alexander commanded some of his men to shave their faces extra smoothly, dress up as women, and stab the flirting Persians when they got close! Shaving sets and tweezers are among the goods left in Egyptian tombs: considered essential items to look good in the afterlife.” Quote taken from a series called Second Skin (
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Euston Road
London, NW1 2AR

+44 (0)20 7383 0027




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