Mayfair’s Park Chinois opulent & luxurious Chinese restaurant’s new immersive show

Mayfair’s Park Chinois opulent & luxurious Chinese restaurant’s new immersive show harks back to the glorious era of glamour with elegance and extravagance.

Park Chinois eroticentertaintment
Park Chinois Restuarant with their sophisticated and erotic luxurious entertaintment

The lavish nightclub ballroom is adorned with pampered princesses and modern-day knights, seated upon padded and quilted, the courtiers of Mayfair drift and swoon and ones senses are caressed both emotionally and via the succulent textures and tastes on offer.


Park Chinois Immersive Entertainment
Park Chinois Immersive Entertainment

Park Chinois

17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA

Park Chinois in Mayfair, London, is a stunning bar & club featuring live entertainment and music 7 days a week serving luxury Chinese cuisine

Park Chinois immersive show
Park Chinois – Enjoying their new immersive show

From the moment I entered Park Chinois I knew this was for me, as a man who managed a famous Burlesque Star and looked after one of the country’s top Bellydancers I have a love or even the riskier of you might say a fetish for sensuality and seduction that fills our hearts with a frisson of excitement and lets life’s hum drum drift by.

Park Chinois Dancers
Park Chinois Immersive Dancers in Full Swing

The entrance in my opinion is unique, as with the doors open you are greeted by the richness not only of the beautifully presented staff but the black fireplace with rich flames, which is something heart-warming and reminded me of a lavish Victorian drawing room.

Park Chinois
Park Chinois welcoming fire …. as soon as you step through the door …

I was ushered downstairs via a curved staircase lined by smiling staff in modern day vintage and a flit of a feather duster could remind one of the ooh la la’s from the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Park Chinois Bar in Mayfair
Park Chinois Baement Bar in Mayfair

Into the bar area where you can see the performance area and tables beyond which reminds one of being in a nightclub.

Champagne Cocktail
Park Chinois Champagne Cocktail

If you are looking for fashion tips I would be pointing you in the direction of …Clutch Bag think maybe patent red, with a touch of opulent gold and a frivolous and flirtatious tassel …. in fact, I was with a lovely lady of Chinese descent recently who was wearing red tassel earrings and this would have sat perfectly….

Park Chinois
Park Chinois – Opulent Chinoises with a touch of Burlesque Ooh la la

The song and dance routines worked well from salsa and swing to 60’s groove and were treated to a lovely rendition from Bob Fosse’s ” The Rich Man’s Frug ” – The Aloof

The restaurant upstairs I must return to as this is really special and had something wonderfully secret about it….

Opulent Dining Mayfair
Opulent Dining at Park Chinois in Mayfair

with the feeling you needed to be in the know  ….

With hints to the classy opium and illicit goings on from Shanghai in its heady days think red velvet, fantasy glamour but in a most proper way and one could definitely say suitably lavish.

Park Chinois
Luxurious Chinese Restaurant Park Chinois in Mayfair, London

The cuisine in my opinion was just right, from stalwart favourites such as crispy aromatic duck to a selection of Chinese food that was just super tasty but not overtly strange or trying to re-invent the wheel and with the quality of a supremely high standard.

Chinese Cuisine
Park Chinois Chinese Cuisine

When you go upstairs you will notice the room is filled full of a large amount of super glamorous Asians which I think speaks highly for the standard of food and service and indeed authenticity.

puddings served in gold...
Park Chinois puddings served in gold…

I left a happy bunny and there is no arm twisting going on.

Park Chinois luxurious bathrooms
Park Chinois Chinese Restaurant in Mayfair with their luxurious bathrooms

Dress up go in with a smile and let the supremely elegant hostesses, bus boys, waiters and maître d’s swoon, pamper and glide around so you can relax and unwind.

Park Chinois opulent bar
Park Chinois opulent bar

Definitely a wonderfully opulent and relaxing evening in Mayfair.

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