Mayfair Luxury Manicure & Pedicure offers pure elegance

Mayfair Luxury Manicure & Pedicure offers pure elegance. Finding one of those beauty gems that you are lucky to find is what Gentlemans Butler is here for. With 19 years’ experience working in the beauty industry this luxury beauty therapist she is a lady of class, who knows exactly what she is doing and with a pedigree of having worked with some of the top luxury beauty salons such as Michael John, she is her own lady now. She offers  a range of beauty treatments. She is also on the books of The Ritz Hotel and Claridges for when top clients want some in hotel luxury beauty treatments, which I think speaks volumes.

Pedicure Filing
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury Pedicure Filing

Beauty, wellbeing, grooming and health is one of Gentlemans Butler’s core areas and the sector we started first.

We focus on looking for the best but also place special importance on top service and the luxury beauty experience itself.

For both ladies and gentlemen one of the first things on one’s luxury beauty regime must be a manicure, pedicure and brow visit.

Pedicure Grooming
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury Pedicure Grooming

I had spoken before and been remembered from Michael John which was a great start.

She is impeccably presented, my jacket taken and offered a drink, the room is exceptionally clean and everything has its place. She focuses on serving the elite ladies and gentlemen living in Mayfair and the surrounding areas.

Pedicure Clipping Toenails
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury Pedicure Clipping Toenails

I feel at ease and we then start to talk.

She takes off my shoes and socks, something that immediately rates her above so many. Simple, practical and caring…

First my pedicure. Nails clipped and filed, cuticles pushed, feet scrubbed, then moisturised, cuticle oil and then 3 layers of polish. A very pale pink which I like as it gives the nail a healthy look, all with a glamorous high-end feel.

Pedicure Nail Varnish
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury Pedicure Nail Varnish

Then my manicure which has all the same processes as the feet.

Manicure Moisturising
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury Manicure Moisturising

For my brows I lie down and then she plucks and cuts my brows and then waxes.

Luxury brow grooming
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – Luxury brow grooming

Finally, no questions asked, my socks and shoes are put back on, and my jacket taken from the hanger and put on …door opened and I leave with a big smile because this is “a just how it should be luxury beauty treatment”

Luxury Varnished Nails
Mayfair beautician offering pure elegance – A Gentleman’s Luxury Manicured & Varnished Nails

It is no surprise her next client was there waiting and so I saw her in action, taking her things, offering her a drink….

So simple, but doing the simple things well in life often creates fantastic luxury.

My visit lasted about two and a half hours and I was very impressed.

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