Marine and the Demarquette chocolate factory

Marine and the Demarquette chocolate factory: Enter the “demarquettlicious” world of chocolates…

This is the tale of every child who dreams to become the hero of a well-known chocolate story. The difference though is that the main character is a girl (the updated version of Charlie Bucket) and Willy Wonka is becoming in this new version: Marc Demarquette!

Let’s learn more about this actor in my new story….

Demarquette logo

Marc Demarquette was born in 1972 to a French father and Chinese mother in London (the capital of cosmopolitism?!), where he was raised before spending his educational years in Bath. You could expect no less of this multiculturalism than being the “UK’s most awarded Luxury Chocolatier in 2009, 2010 & 2011” and “a 2012 Walpole Luxury ‘Brand of Tomorrow’”, specialising in British luxury, handmade artisan chocolates and bespoke chocolate gifts…!

After a career as a Management Consultant, a serious accident made him re-think his priorities and he decided to leave the consultancy world in order to pursue a lifelong passion he had – Chocolate!

Influenced by his French grandmother who has plunged him into the “chocolate marmite” of Lenôtre, his quest started with in-depth training at the prestigious… Maison Lenôtre in Paris… What a surprise!…  In this great Maison he was taught by world Masters and acquired the fine art of making artisan chocolates. He further fine-tuned his expert skills by learning with a number of Master Chocolatiers in France.

Marc Demarquette

“My chocolates are derived from pure passion – passion for the traditional artisan craft and passion for the perfection of my finished product. My creations offer a pure explosion of contemporary flavours that aim to stimulate people’s imagination” said Marc as a motto of his creations.

I’ve started salivating in front of the Demarquette chocolates and ganaches thanks to Sara Jayne Stanes the Queen of the Cocoa beans and the head of the well-known Academy of chocolates.

During this enchanted evening (I advise all of you dear readers to come along at least once to this sweet culinary experience organised by Sara Jane) I found my golden ticket which entitled me to a nightlife (not lifetime as Charlie, remember it’s the 2013 version and it’s still the crisis …) supply of candies from Demarquette….

A so sweet evening…

One more thing… Forget the four other children of the initial story!… I’ve decided to be very private for this version!

The Chocolate Room of my tale is situated on the fourth floor of the so elegant Fortnum and Mason (which has also commissioned Mister Demarquette as House Chocolatier since 2007) in the Drawing Room.

It is said in the Roald Dahl book that everything in this room is edible: it was almost the case…

There was real tea cups called “Delights and Decadence” made of coffee and caramel with a pinch of Jasmine, or Darjeeling or through Viennese coffee according to your desire of the moment…

Delights and Decadence tea cups made in fabulous chocolate

Because Christmas is getting closer even the Demarquette’s Christmas trees are turned into chocolate where their baubles are a symphony of very innovative tastes such as spice and apple, clementine or cranberry…

Christmas balls

If you’re more conventional you can discover the Macachocs macaroons… a novelty where trendy macaroons meet luxury chocolate! Crispy baby macaroon shells, coated in the finest dark and milk chocolate and filled with a sumptuous caramel centre which can be offered in three mouth-watering flavours: Sea Salt dark chocolate, Strawberry and dark chocolate and Banoffee with milk chocolate.

Macachocs macaroons of Demarquette
Macachocs macaroons of Demarquette

Believe me every person that tastes these “Christmas” or classic gourmet chocolates would be transformed into Augustus Gloop very easily.

This story is not finished… Find your Golden ticket!

Gentleman’s Butler rate: 88%! Marine is definitely a Demarquette addict!…

This is 100% craftsmanship with an ethical heart from the bean to the tablet.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to carefully watch the Oompas Loompas… (Kim this one is for you…)

Now it’s your turn to enter the chocolate world here:

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