Marie Reynolds luxury beauty at Fortnum and Mason, London

Marie Reynolds luxury beauty at Fortnum and Mason, London

The Journey – As Gentlemans Butler explores further into luxury wellbeing and beauty it was time to experience the touch of Marie Reynolds who practices at the so very elegant Beauty A La Carte in Fortnum & Mason, London. As you discover more about beauty, your mind and body you should try this as it really is quite unique, not wacky but in my opinion just spot on. It’s different but highly effective.

The PlaceFortnum & Mason

Beauty A La Carte, Fortnum & Mason, 181 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom, W1A 1ER

Fortnum & Masons - Beauty Rooms
Fortnum & Masons – Beauty Rooms

The PersonMarie Reynolds

Marie Reynolds has a holistic approach having studied Beauty Therapy, Homeopathy, Genetics and Counselling and has lectured Worldwide in Skin Care, Treatments, Nutrition and Advanced Consulting.

Her experience in Oriental Diagnosis, Bespoke Facials and Advanced Holistic Well Being Therapies has brought much attention from leading Beauty Editors & Celebrities and she is also a frequent contributor to magazines herself,  and is does not stop there as her fascination with the workings of the human body has resulted in her writing three books. She practices at Fortnum and Masons London as a ‘Guest Therapist’ and the rest of the time is spent at the Aesthetic Clinic.

Marie Reynolds
Marie Reynolds

Her treatments are based on the concept of Noetic Science, meaning she works on the basis that thoughts, emotions and the physical all interact with one another. The physical is not detached from the mental or emotional, they are as one. She calls this the Tri-effect. All our emotions are reborn from what our thoughts breed which in turn causes stress in the body.

Her treatments start with a series of questions that release a physical response; they are not intrusive but may touch a nerve. Mental exercises, visualisation and breathing techniques are just as important to calm the analytical mind as they are for the physical touch in all therapies.

She believes that the physical symptoms of stress, skin complaints, lethargy, pain and discomfort all come from the mental and emotional and by looking at the ears, face and feet she can pick up on the weakness and strengths in the individual and advise accordingly.


The Treatment – The Fifth Concept

The treatment combines the five elements, the five analytical body types and the five senses providing a completely holistic experience.


Marie will look at the face, feet and ears and along with a detailed consultation, create a bespoke therapy for you. During the Fifth Concept journey, you will receive a facial treatment using active ingredients, synergy essential oil blends and pulverised crystal that will result in a hydrated, youthful and radiant complexion. The facial aspect includes a specific face and scalp massage focusing on pressure points, you will also experience an aroma wax hand and arm massage, Crystal chakra alignment, guided visualisation and foot reflex technique. Advice on diet, lifestyle and mental exercises are included to help you understand how your feelings reflect in your skin.

Michael’s Thoughts

Prior to visiting Marie Reynolds in February I really knew very little of her services so what happened that day was pretty spectacular. I knew her treatments had not just been taken from a box, but had been created from her long history in her field. The Beauty Rooms at Fortnum’s is one of central London’s little sanctuaries, elegant and totally bespoke. I was not only to experience a treatment that invigorated through the strong use of manipulating massage but the really special part came from her knowledge of Chinese diagnosis. I was a little speechless, which is quite unusual for me! Her knowledge of my emotions, diet, lifestyle and calmer was totally spot on. As with many of her calibre she was able to suggest and recommend beneficial changes. I left seriously chilled and a little emotional, in a good way. Marie came out of the blue as a surprise, but a very welcome one. If you are interested in beauty, well-being and reducing your stress levels well worth a visit. I hope to stay in touch with Marie.


Things to try at homeMarie Reynolds Candles


Marie Reynolds Candles
Marie Reynolds Candles

Do try her Luxury Passion Candle, a really bonus after a long day. Dim the lights, get yourself comfortable and warm, light some candles, turn off all your digital devices including the radio and television and either sit in silence or put on some soothing music or read a book. Personally I am really trying to rediscover things I used to love doing but have completely vanished from my life. I often just fall asleep in this zone which is so wonderful.


Fortnum and Mason
Fortnum and Mason


I also wanted to mention that Marie Reynolds London are proud sponsors of  ‘HONOUR BRITISH FORCES’ who support ex service men and women with cover Medical Care, PTSD Counselling, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, also helping those who find themselves homeless and provide housing adaptations if the injuries make their life difficult in their own homes.





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