Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers creates pure elegance

Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers creates pure elegance

With elegance being of utmost importance to Gentlemans Butler, focus on detail is imperative. For a ladies’ boudoir to reflect her exclusivity, caring for her clothes and creating an air of sophistication there are several areas to pay attention to from fragranced candles to tissue boxes, but none can be more imperative than the item that hangs the garment which is of course your luxury clothes hanger.

Luxury Ladies Hanger
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers – Vanilla

Candles, tissues and cosmetics are things I always note when staying in a luxury hotel and though you probably want to create a more personal and intimate look in your home, you are most likely trying to espouse the qualities and sensualities that a luxury hotel suite offers.

Manoir St. Just is a French manufacturer specialising in the design and manufacture of exclusive upholstered hangers

I recently came across Manoir St. Just which was created by Dr Pia Froehlich whose professional origins lie in public relations for the corporate and banking sector.

The Luxury hangers are lavishly upholstered in the French factory in Vienne, located between Poitiers and Bordeaux and covered with high-quality, pure fabrics such as silk, satin, linen and cotton. 

Her passion for clothes hangers stems from her love for well-groomed clothes and the desire to keep them beautiful for a long time, just with padded hangers.

Manoir St. Just _Making of – STRIPED HANGER

She comments ..

“In order to add a little variety to the theme, I am always on the lookout for suitable fabrics that match the different styles. I find the fabrics mainly in England, France and Germany and since I choose the ingredients myself and know their origin or my dealers, each hanger has its own history. Due to the fact each hanger is handmade, each one is unique. My customers also include exclusive hotels that want to offer their guests a special service.”

upholstered hangers
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers – Lilly …close up

In order to continuously improve their luxury hangers, Manoir St. Just can now offer its customers a theft-proof suspension for hotel systems, and domestic luxury hangers come with variable height hook heights.

With the luxury hangers, the careful storage of delicate clothing is taken into account, as the high-quality padding prevents the textiles from slipping off the hanger and dents in the shoulder area.

Gentlemans Butler has put together their exclusive choice of what we feel are their best to reflect our core ethos of: class, elegance, glamour, service and style.

Class – “Charlotte” – Roses in different shades of blue. This made me think of my mother, of little country villages, and a rather tranquil and refined world of yesteryear.

Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies uphostered hangers – Charlotte

Elegance – “Lilly” – White gathered satin, wrapped with lace and finished with a tender rose ribbon. Lace is something we all need a little of, whether you inspiration is Madonna or Marianne Antoinette it adds a je ne sais quoi.

Lilly hanger
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers creates pure elegance – Lilly

Glamour – “Charlène bleue” – “Something borrowed, something blue”. Charlène bleu takes up an old tradition whereupon the bride wears a blue accessory as a sign of loyalty and purity. Bridal chic conjures up a world of decadence, luxury, extravagance, love and beauty and so will be perfect for a luxury ladies’ boudoir.

Charlène bleue
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers – Charlène bleue

Service – “Vanilla” – Light vanilla-coloured satin with a bronze ribbon offer an elegant combination for this luxessory. This quiet sophistication is about luxury style and service. Hangers that your maid can use to add continuity to your luxury wardrobe.

upholstered hangers
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers – Vanilla

Style – “Rose Tilleuil” – This was the one that slightly surprised. I am not the biggest fan of green but everywhere I go people of style talk favourably about these shades and so I must be coming round as the pale green with it’s chinois inspiration was pure style.

Rose Tilleuil
Manoir St. Just Luxury Ladies upholstered hangers – Rose Tilleuil

Manoir St. Just thus offers its customers a sustainable lifestyle-accessory in every respect, a must have in every personal dressing area.

My order took around 5/6 days and everything arrived in good order but without too much excessive packaging which I fully support.

Think about using hanger styles to categorise your wardrobe by blouses, shirts, t-shirts, cashmere, lace etc or by colour or choose different styles to co-ordinate with each of your bedrooms or boudoirs.

Upholstered Hangers
Manoir St. Just Luxury Upholstered Hangers

We were enthused when we found Manoir St. Just as it is surprisingly difficult to find luxury hangers that exude class but when they arrived and are now nurturing some prized fabrics we are thrilled and believe you will be too.

Manoir St. Just, 2 Rue Bobin, 86480 Le Grand Breuil, France +33 7 70 05 08 79

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