Maison Close Luxury Ladies Stockings & Suspender Belts

Maison Close Luxury Ladies Stockings & Suspender Belts

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Maison Close – Belle de Nuit –

Reviewers name – Michael Grenville

Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler, luxury blog and lifestyle services provider

Occupation – Editor and Consultant

Review description – An introduction to Gentlemen buying stockings for their loved one “Maison Close

Location – Online

Date – 25 October 2012

Maison Close – Collection Rue des Demoiselles –


  • The 18th century saw women wearing stockings too, “quelle surprise”!  Before to this point it was mostly men who wore them, the upper classes wearing white and coloured, the lower classes black.
  • Early fish-nets appeared in the Thirties and in 1938 Dupont introduced the first nylon stockings.
  • By 1949, seamed nylons were all the rage in the UK.

In 2011 I noticed a brand called Maison Close. It caught my eye with its branding, style and naughtiness. Very stylish and chic I went to find out more and recently saw this Stocking/Suspender set that was a mix of the retro whilst being very modern and slick. From a Gentlemans perception I would say that they would suite ladies for who minimal is an overriding comment “less is more” meets “Chic Parisian”.

Our product testing was carried out by our team who came back with their thoughts.

Maison Close coquetteries stockings –

1 – Quality of Product – Well made, not extravagantly packaged and of good materials

2 – Description of Product/Service – For a Gentleman to buy a gift for their lady of stockings and a suspender belt

3 – Suitability for Gentlemen – The Beautifully designed website with an online shop however at the time only in French, which maybe just adds to the feel. They are on sale in the UK

4 – Comfort – Comfortable

5 – The Luxury/Pamper Factor – They are beautiful. Our tester said the word chic.

6 – Above and beyond the call of duty? – NR

7 – Punctuality/Duration – Arrived on time

8 – Value for Money – Excellent as they look more expensive than they cost

9 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 80%

10 – Gentlemans Butler suggestions – Website in English or just come to Gentlemen’s Butler and we will do it all for you

Collection Cabaret Royal Herbelow “Suspender Belt” – Maison Close –

Gentlemen’s Butler offers 2 services



One to one service where we advise and/or undertake the buying of gifts and services for a client



Become a Gentlemen’s Butler brand which will have our full endorsement, which recognises the companies and products class and status.


For more information on either please ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or





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