For those seeking luxury travel in Provence try Luxury Retreats

For those seeking luxury travel in Provence try Luxury Retreats, a full-service villa rental company dedicated to creating unforgettable travel experiences. When looking for Provence vacations rentals think bespoke, class, elegance, luxury and elite service, all there to create that luxury travel experience.

Fields of Lavender for L'occitane
Fields of Lavender for L’occitane

Unwinding in the dappled shade, with the sound of a river meandering by:

Living the luxury life of an lady and gentleman is about being served in a refined way so ultimately your body, mind and soul can unwind, most likely from the hectic speed of the big city so we can start to attune ourselves with our senses and emotions.

This is what true luxury travel can deliver. In many ways, just like the DNA of a luxury spa.

I often say that apart from the surroundings of a spa which are indeed very important to me, a superb spa will let you emotionally go back to being a baby again in that you are looked after and more than that, the baby reference is about switching your mind off in that to truly unwind we need to turn our body clocks off and just let our bodies and minds let go. If you come from a successful background to let go you need to be surrounded by teams of people who know what they are doing but more importantly know what you want and where possible provide you with the said thought before you need to ask for it. If this happens you feel cared for and can properly switch off.

Lisa Franklin luxury Knightsbridge facial pampered in glamour - white roses
Lisa Franklin luxury Knightsbridge facial pampered in glamour – white roses

A Luxury Holiday in Provence:

The cultured, well healed and refined choose in all reality from a select group of global destinations. I imagine if you are reading this the chances are you understand what I am talking about but for those of you still wandering what this chap is warbling on about I will try to elaborate.

It is not about bling, fruit machines, casinos, night clubs, formula 1 styled sports cars or all night celebrity crowded raves.

It is about emotion, beauty and a place to stop. A place where you can fall asleep under the long arms of an old oak tree and then have afternoon tea and partake in an evening meal with locals, who though welcome your money, the love of their culture, country and cuisine far outways all other matters.

It is about the luxuries of a home that has style, comfort and a real Provencal beauty.

It is about us the holidaymaker who understands the word class means a way of doing things and a pride in things being done properly. Both the head of the house or the boy who works their on Saturday can have class.

It is a yearning from all concerned that elegance, romance and style are words that have meaning and are worth fighting for.

The culmination of all these points is that Provence is a part of the world that still offers much to the discerning traveller who values standards, beautiful buildings, countryside and fantastic food. A place where the batteries can be recharged, where the soul can be energised and where the romance of life is still important.

“A Perfect day of a cultured Gentleman”

In my London apartment, I wake during the week at a little after 7am, though normally I get up at 8am, having spent a little time waking and flicking through my e-mails and social media channels, how very LA man of me, I know. Whilst in Provence I wake with the sound of my morning coffee being brought to me by the maid. My bedroom beautifully and tastefully decorated with a view that brings peace into my life. The curtains are drawn and a window lightly opened letting in the new day to my room. My bed is made up of 100% cotton and silk white bedding with pillows, succulent, firm and smelling of perfection.

La Villa Baulieu, a palace in Provence to love - perfect pillows and crisp white linens
La Villa Baulieu, a palace in Provence to love – perfect pillows and crisp white linens

Those moments of quiet repose, a wriggle here and a stretch there, not a phone or computer in sight, but the sound of birds, the rays of sunlight bouncing off the white slatted venetian blinds. Probably around 845 I will walk across to the bathroom wearing a cream silk bath robe and brush my teeth and dive into a fiercely efficient and luxurious walk in shower, splashing some body wash all over, maybe with the essence of Vanilla. After about 15 minutes of aqua therapy I will then get ready, some body moisturiser, UV protection, face moisturiser and on with my cotton underwear, Bermuda shorts with no logo, and probably a striped dark blue and white t shirt, sun hat, and sunglasses I am all set to have my taste buds enriched.

Gentlemans Butler in a stripy top
Gentlemans Butler in a stripy top

Morning, morning, good morning ….I will choose to sit on the patio, whilst the rest of the villa starts to come down for breakfast. Another coffee, white linen napkins, freshly squeezed orange juice, hot and brimming with taste I dive into eating my croissant with some freshly made jam that our housekeeper and her daughter who service the villa bring in with them. I will choose some yoghurt and fresh fruits and may finish with a homemade Provencal biscuit.

By this time, it is about 10am and after a walk around the garden we decide to head in to Aix en Provence, to take in the markets, stop for a late morning something and ensconce ourselves in a touch of Provencal life, arriving back at the villa for lunch.

Luxury Retreats in Provence - Flower markets in Aix-en-Provence
Luxury Retreats in Provence – Flower markets in Aix-en-Provence

Lunch will be simple, fresh but of supreme high quality. Seared tuna on the BBQ, some crisp rose from the region and some strawberries and cream afterwards just to remind us we are English.

Luxury Retreats in Provence - Rose wine from Chateau Baulieu
Luxury Retreats in Provence – Rose wine from Chateau Baulieu

Lunch ending at a little after 2 I will retire to sit under the tree, with my hat pulled down slightly over my eyes, I take twenty winks. With the sound of someone saying chocolate ..mmm a nob a high quality swiss chocolate, purely for energy reasons, it’s on with the swimming trunks and diving into our private pool which is warm but still fresh.

La Villa Baulieu a palace in Provence to love -Swimming Pool and grounds

The afternoon has in store frivolity, amusement and games around the pool until about 4sh when we change into long trousers and at 430 English afternoon tea is served with some lovely homemade Provencal tarte.

With the sun now firmly over the yard arm at around 5sh we will put on our walking shoes and go for a walk through the trees, along past the vineyards to the river, back via the chateau to our villa, ready for my treat, a massage before dinner.

Dressed for dinner ready to leave at 815, we arrive at the restaurant for 830pm which is busy without being chaotic. My dinner is very simple, steak avec frites, some good Provencal red wine, finishing with cheese and sweet dessert wine.

With the owner coming to join us for the end of the meal, we have been fed well, welcomed and made to feel we can relax.

Our car drops me back at the villa for 11pm whilst the under 40’s stay on for a bit.

An aperitif in the drawing room, another nob of that beautiful dark chocolate and as the clock passes 1130 I bid goodnight and within 15 minutes I am in my white cotton pyjamas and under the covers, rested, at peace, calm and surrounded by wonderful scents that I have sprayed on my sheets before going to bed.

We believe at Gentlemans Butler that it is not wrong to expect the best, which is why we think you may be quite content with Luxury Retreats and if class, elegance and passion are important to you then Provence is certainly a destination you need to consider.

This is a Sponsored Post, though my thoughts are completely my own.


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