Luxury Sloane Square Spa Ushvani, a truly first class Balinese massage

Luxury Sloane Square Spa Ushvani, a truly first class Balinese massage

Glorious and relaxing were my overriding feelings of the 1st of August 2011. Having strolled across a sun drenched Putney common, wearing cotton trousers and thongs (as my Australian friend tells me, not flip flops) I jumped on the 22 bus for a short trip along the Kings Road to Sloane Square. A place steeped in memories, my mother having been one of the first female managers at Peter Jones and my dentist just around the corner.

Walking around the back of Peter Jones to number 1 Cadogan Gardens is Ushvani. Entering is like walking into a private members club or maybe even a spy novel. It’s secret, exclusive but very welcoming. Immediately one can feel the stress falling off ones shoulders, because seriously this is how a good spa should be run, a place where one is looked after and the brain can be switched to off.

The original old wood of the building is blended wonderfully with the orange, brown and golden colours brought in from the east, so one is nourished emotionally by the people, surroundings and by the treatment.

I am typical of being English in that I stress so a proper massage really does do things.

The spa offers treatments to men and women, though following tradition these are in separate areas; you can also book a couples room with its dedicated pools and specialities.

Upstairs is the dedicated gentlemen’s room, large roomy and suitable attired. Once undressed and sat on the sofa with a glass of water Nicola goes through my treatment, my concerns with great care, my body is about to start working again.

She knows her stuff; I have some lower back and leg issues as well as a headache. My massage was excellent; firm with the feeling it is doing something. In addition she works on the upper arms and back of the neck, areas that are often missed. The result is my headache has gone and my legs feel lighter and I am more flexible.

After my treatment I spend some time sipping some of Ushvani’s unique teas.

Ushvani has class and if you want an expert service I would have no hesitation in recommending their massage.


1 Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2RJ

+44 (0)207 730 2888


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