Luxury Shoe Shine to your home for Ladies & Gentlemen

Luxury Shoe Shine to your home for Ladies & Gentlemen

Gentlemans Butler is a luxury online magazine for Arts, Entertainment, Grooming, Ladies Gifts, Style and Travel; and a lifestyle services provider

Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen -
Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen – Gentlemens Shoes: Style:  

  • Reviewers name – Michael Grenville
  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler, luxury blog and lifestyle services supplier
  • Occupation – Editor
  • Review description – Steven Skippen of
  • Location – London

Looking for someone to add some zing and sparkle for your lovely pair of shoes.

I met Steven Skippen been at London Hilton on Park Lane after their concierge introduced the 2 of us.

Steven is a fantastic character. Full of passion he loves his job, genuinely.

Just this morning I was discussing shoe care. A necessity but in general if we are honest something that most of us probably do not do, or not do as much as we should.

When spending hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes, looking after them will not only make them last, but the look and interestingly the feel with be so much better.

Many Gentlemen feel that for example a pair of brogues looks better after a bit of wear.

Steven can be found at the London Hilton or equally Gentlemans Butler can assist. His clients include Mike Tyson, Churchill family, Jean Claude Van Damme, Harry Redknapp and The King of Jordan


Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen -
Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen –

Some famous references about shoes

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon: “She’s a rich girl/She don’t try to hide it/Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”


Boogie Shoes- KC and the Sunshine Band: “I Want To Put On My My My My My
Boogie Shoes Just To Boogie With You”


The Boots are Made for Walking- Nancy Sinatra, Jr.: “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”


Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen -
Shoe Shine UK, Steven Skippen –


1 – Description of Product/Service

I visited him at The George Club on Mount Street, a very distinguished location where Pink Shirts and Gentlemans Tonic were taking part in a “Gentlemans style and grooming evening”

The setting was a hubbub of well-dressed Gentlemen and Ladies, wine in hand and chit chat where throughout the evening the shoeshine was a constant point of conversation.

I sat in his special shoeshine chair and my rust coloured Churches were about to have a fully MOT and some tender loving care. Steven the craftsmen gets to work by using a distinct selection of products which he works in with his hands whilst talking about his passion. It was not just Gentlemen fascinated as ladies heels also had their gleem put back.

If your view of shoe care is a cloth, some polish and a brush then Steven’s service is the Maserati of shoe care.

3 – Suitability for Gentlemen – Not only a necessity but like all aspects of styling, once complete it will add an extra spring in your stride. 

4 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 90%

Luxury magazine Gentlemans Butler suggests ladies and gentlemen look in their wardrobes to inspect the shine of their shoes!

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For more information on either please ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or





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