Luxury London Hairdresser & Beauty Salon Karine Jackson

Luxury London Hairdresser & Beauty Salon Karine Jackson

  • Reviewers name – Michael Grenville
  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler “Gentlemans Lifestyle Consultant”
  • Occupation – Editor and Consultant
  • Review description – Visited Karine Jackson for Haircut, Manicure & Pedicure
  • Location – London, West End
  • Date – March 2013
Karine Jackson - Westend shopfront -
Karine Jackson – Westend shopfront –

Soho, in London is a place with many fond memories. I started my career in the film industry there, loved going out, getting to the characters and though I visit  a lot less now, it nearly always puts a smile on my face.

Karine Jackson’s salon is just a second from Cambridge Circus, nestled between Leicester Square and Soho.

If you are after a high end salon with a bit of character this is it. One gets the impression there are many returning clients and sometimes in life it’s refreshing to just be oneself.

Karine Jackson started  her career in her parents’ salon in the small Australian town of Wollongong, “what a fantastic name” and when you meet and talk with Karine her Aussie charm and enthusiasm shines through.

She previously worked for Charles Worthington and has won numerous awards including: the London Hairdresser of the Year in 2007 and the Fellowship Consumer Image of the year Award in 2011.

Her clients include Hollywood actress Neve Campbell; British actress and star of Steven Spielberg TV series Terra Nova, Shelley Conn and Little Boots.


Karine Jackson - Central London Hairdessing -
Karine Jackson – Central London Hairdessing –

I had worked here for 10 years and couldn’t leave.” So, Karine Jackson opened in Litchfield St, a fabulous airy salon in a stunning listed building 2 doors away from the Ivy restaurant, “and the adventure began!”


1 – Standard of Service – (friendly, ease, cleanliness, punctuality, did they listen) –

Very friendly

2 – Description of Product/Service – (information and quality of service, ingredients) –


I very often like to combine having a haircut with a manicure and pedicure as it’s very much a spruce up of one’s appearance.

My pedicure took place downstairs in a comfortable, but not super luxurious room. Certainly a very good beautician though rather uncomfortable putting ones feet in the bowl on the bed.

After this I moved upstairs to have my manicure, again perfectly good.

Prior to Karine’s haircut I had a scalp and hair treatment which I think is very important. I have a receding hairline and believe looking after the scalp and remaining hair is important and does make a difference.

After which Karine cut my hair with a mixture of scissors and hair clippers.

She took care and as you would expect made it look smart and tidy.


3 – Suitability for Gentlemen –  Very much so, as for many Gentlemen they can just be themself.

4 – Comfort? – (Seats, heating/aircon, noise) – Comfortable and quiet

5 – The Luxury/Pamper Factor – Karine herself as she is very personable.

6 – Above and beyond the call of duty? – (did they go out of their way to make me feel special or do anything beyond the job to make a difference) – Not applicable

Karine Jackson -
Karine Jackson –

7 – Punctuality/Duration – Perfect

8 – Value for Money – Very reasonable

9 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 75%

10 – Gentlemans Butler suggestions – NA

Karine Jackson

24 Litchfield Street,

Covent Garden,

London WC2H 9NJ

020 7836 0300

Karine Jackson -
Karine Jackson –


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