Luxury London & International Chauffeur Services for HNWI

Luxury London & International Chauffeur Services for HNWI

As part of living a luxury lifestyle many find their time pressured and so being transported quickly, efficiently and in comfort is vital.
The name Chauffeur originally derives from the French term for Stoker as in the early days like boats and trains automobiles were steam powered and required a person to stoke the engine.
In addition to priming the engine before travel they would check on tyre pressures and other maintenance issues, thus early chauffeurs were hired with the knowledge they would look after the mechanics and drive the vehicle.

Neil Davies OBE, The Managing Director of Crown Chauffeur Drive
Neil Davies OBE, The Managing Director of Crown Chauffeur Drive

Even today these core skills are a vital part of driving a vehicle well. I can remember growing up in the 70’s and vehicle maintenance was very much on peoples mind. It makes perfect sense as if one is going to be in total control of a piece of machinery and use it to its optimum, the way it works is of great importance.
In September 2014 Gentlemans Butler started working with CROWN CHAUFFEUR DRIVE UK as part of our core ethos of working with the best.
Like watching anything done very well it should look easy, but in any chosen field there are surprisingly few that get it spot on. I was certainly encouraged when I mentioned to Neil on the phone that we have a very similar ethos to John Lewis in that we want to deal with companies and brands that deliver and do what they say they are going to do, and he was in complete agreement. In a slight tribute to the television series grumpy old men most of us get to the stage in life when we are bored with listening to long marketing diatribes about how wonderful they are and feel we just want it to WORK and cut the waffle.

Neil Davies, MD of Crown Chauffeur Drive
Neil Davies, MD of Crown Chauffeur Drive

This is exactly why we like working with Crown because they deliver in style (hopefully you got my wonderful double meaning there !)
Based in in SW14 in London and headed up by Neil Davies they supply Premier Chauffeur, Close Protection and Event Logistics to HNWI and pride themselves on treating clients like Royalty. They specialise in roadshows for the business executive who needs to know they have a vehicle at their disposal all day while they are in and out of meetings.
+44 20 7870 1011
Driving Gentlemans Butler as opposed to Miss Daisy! has its benefits and certainly over the trips so far we have discussed much including Chauffeurs dress, style, decorum, training and heritage, so here are a few of our findings so far…

……..Crown Chauffeurs wears hats and gloves for weddings….
……For high profile and security work you do not want to advertise, for obvious reasons ….
…….A full chauffeurs uniform is a hat, dark grey or black suite, white shirt with a black or dark blue tie… black gloves … a hat which has a cockade…
………The Hatters Lock & Co of St James can match the hat with the colour and design of ones suite…
………..Advanced Driving Test – Institute of Advanced Motorists  where you get a badge and card is certainly a good standard to aim for …..
……By looking ahead, I am told 6 lengths and planning ones journey there is a nack to create a journey that is not only safe, but smooth and on time….
…..For special occasions Range Rover’s, Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s can be requested……
……At the airport a digital sign is held up with my companies name or chosen name rather than a personal one to aid discretion…..
……Arrived early, looks smart, bag taken, door opened, water/magazines/newspapers inside, delivered to my door, courteous, intelligent, polite ……Very happy…..

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