Luxury French Gentlemans Fragrance Houses Dior & Yves Saint Laurent

Luxury French Gentlemans Fragrance Houses Dior & Yves Saint Laurent

Gentlemans Butler is a luxury online magazine and lifestyle service provider

A key component to a Gentlemans boudoir is his fragrance, all of which makes up Gentlemens Luxury Grooming. It’s a way of defining ones personality, like fashion it’s also a chance to choose your mood. Historically, London was the trading hub for scent and though one thinks of France, an English Gentlemen would pay particular attention with his Butler to his fragrance.

Fragrance, aftershave, cologne, perfume are all fascinating. Ladies of a certain age would refer to them as smellies. To my mind, fragrance is one of those great unknowns.

Like winemaking, perfumers’ are naturally secretive. As a former smoker regaining my nose was one of life’s majestic moments.

Over the past few months we have been trialling Gentleman’s fragrance and now we would like to recommend three for you to try.

In the meantime, if you never watched The BBC television series on Perfume you can recap by watching some video extracts:


BBC Television: Perfume

BBC Television: Perfume 2


  1. Dior: Homme
Dior Pour Homme -
Dior Pour Homme –

Its essence is Metrosexual, part Bohemian and part her. The mixture of the feminine is very classy as it says I am comfortable with who I am. Sitting on one’s Bedside Cabinet its square modernist lines fit the Dior feeling perfectly.

Composed around Masculine Iris; Powdery, Aromatic, Woody

Aromatic harmony – Essential oil of sage, lavender from France and essential oil of bergamot from Italy

Powdery harmony – Concrete of Iris from Italy / cocoa bean / amber

Woody harmony – Essential oil of vetiver from Haiti, essential oil of patchouli from Indonesia, Leather

GB take on “Dior Homme, lives in a modern minimal Italian designed apartment, a man who drives an e-type but defines his life by love and sensuality. Blue jeans and shirt he is confident but kind, and may well cook lunch for his girlfriend on Valentines Day, but in the evening takes her to the ballet. He is classy, cool and caring. ”


  1. L’Occitane: L’Occitan Eau de Toilette
Gentlemans Butler: Luxury Gentlemens Fragrance: L’Occitan EDT

L’Occitan (“The man from Occitania”) is a fragrance which was conceived by L’Occitane founder, Olivier Baussan, while he was distilling lavender essential oil on a river bank one day.  The fragrant lavender water drenched the burning branches and wood in the furnace and the result was a warm and masculine fragrance- the essence of the historical land of Occitania.

Top Note: Black pepper, Lavender
Middle Note: Nutmeg, Cinnamon
Base Note: Tonka Bean

The bottle feels like a modern take on an old chemist’s bottle. Fresh and Gallic, not conformist, original and a little bit arty, it has a bite to it with a hint of Pernaud. The bottle and labelling remind me of an old French pharmacy.

GB take on “L’Occitane is an artist sitting in his old Parisian Studio, lying back in his roll top bath, a big mop of hair. His dress is stylish but slightly rustic, chunky Normandy Jumper with smart blue jeans. Expect the unexpected.”


  1. Yves Saint Laurent
Yve Saint Laurent -
Yve Saint Laurent –

Yves Saint Laurent is celebrating a half-century of perfume creation. Giving their fragrance a new showcase, four cult fragrances for Gentlemen: Pour Homme, Jazz, M7 Oud Absolu and Rive Gauche Pour Homme.

The Gentlemens fragrances are placed in black square boxes, the colour of Monsieur Saint Laurent, the boxes are like a cube. YSL promote its elegance, power and sensuality emphasizing pleasure sharing.



Launched Nationwide January 2012

GB take on “YSL Rive Gauche is a winner, he defines his power by his ability to share, thus every year he likes to throw a big party for his friends. He is refined in his dress and chooses to drive a Bentley. His girlfriend is the artist and makes sure he looks his best, which he does time after time. ”

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