Luxury Cashmere and Italian Luxury Style Brand Fedeli

Luxury Cashmere and Italian Luxury Style Brand Fedeli

Breakfast at Fedeli’s…

Gentleman’s Butler had the pleasure of spending time with the team of Fedeli in London and would like to introduce the new Fedeli Fall/Winter Collection: the Italian king of Cashmere…


Fedeli charming inside Courtyard
Fedeli charming inside Courtyard


On a hunting week-end with a pair of riding boots or during the week for a business dinner…

At Gentleman’s Butler we have definitely entered a Bridget Jones crush (Mark Darcy are you really dead???) for the cashmere clothes from the luxurious Maison Fedeli.

Fedeli store
Fedeli store


From an easy and relaxed trendy touch to a classic and gentle style, Fedeli is the new brand in London for “Cashmerista”!

The story of Fedeli started in the early thirties… beginning with a hat, an essential accessory for the sophisticated male wardrobe, at least until the Fifties. Indeed, the Fedeli family set up a workshop in Monza, a city characterized by a flourishing activity for felt hats.

After World War II the brand developed internationally by widening the production and the distribution of its pieces.

An unexpected visit to a Swiss knitwear company changed the entire future of the brand and the business… Returning to Italy, the Fedeli family took up a new challenge and began importing new machinery to manufacture the special yarn. Before they knew it, they had started to manufacture the first cable stitches ever to be made in Italy.

It was an overnight success.


Year after year, the business grew and Fedeli eventually became the first Italian company to specialize in the production of cashmere knitwear with a high attention to detail and a true attachment for hand-made goods.

Fedeli range of products
Fedeli range of products

At first located on the famous “Via Montenapoleone” in Milan, the renowned cashmere brand keeps growing today and since has recently opened his second lifestyle store in London’s fashionable Chelsea district.

Don’t let this slip through the net and make sure you go for a stroll and visit this tremendous boutique from where I am sure you will not come back empty-handed….


I. Gentleman’s Butler’s Must-have:

– The elegance and softness of each piece…

– The exclusive attention to detail…

– The incredible cream hoodie made with cashmere and fur for her…. Judge by yourself…


"Sweet and warm" Fedeli women hoodie
“Sweet and warm” Fedeli women hoodie

– Or the so “sweet and wild” crocodile slippers furred with cashmere for him…

The "sweet and wild' men slippers
The “sweet and wild’ men slippers

II.   Gentleman’s Butler rate for the products:


– 94% for the entire collection and the kindness of Sara!


Only thing missing: the wood crackling in the chimney…


III.    Information about the brand:

Fedeli store inside
Fedeli store inside



108, Draycott Avenue
London SW3 3AE, UK
Tel. +44 (20) 75844430
Fax +44 (20) 75841603


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