Lush Beauty… The « soap » opera…

Lush Beauty… The « soap » opera…

“Oh Lushing bells, lushing bells,

Lushing all the way…”


Ahead of the fabulous Christmas time where magic and dreams come true, Gentleman’s Butler was invited to a very special evening at the Lush shop on Carnaby Street. We wanted to share this experience with you in a different way…


Santa Claus has arrived...
Santa Claus has arrived…

Let’s see our Santa Claus letter dedicated to Lush…


Gentleman’s Butler Team

275A Upper Richmond Road


SW15 6SP


Dear Santa Claus,

This is the GB Team speaking from London. I hope that you are all rested up from delivering presents last year.

We want you to know that we have been very good this year, and we listened to our parents.

This year our greatest wish is to have the new Lush Christmas collection.


Lush fireworks collection
Lush fireworks collection

One of our friends says that Lush is for Green people… It’s true since products are all handmade and fresh and since Lush fights against animals testing, but on top of being green, Lush is also a gentle and emotional brand which believes in what it does. This is the reason why our letter is dedicated to this brand dear Santa.

On top of that, Mister Claus we already have a huge collection of classic Lush products and would like more sets to continue our collection.

Let us prove it.

Exit shower gels, fake soaps, “perlinpinpin” powder filled with chemical products from the shelves of big stores: we want fresh lemon, absolute vanilla, scented bergamot or flavoured cinnamon! For that Lush has really surpassed itself this Christmas.

Beyond the quintessentially organic history of its essence, Lush achieves the crazy challenge of being trendy, glamorous and sooooo attractive.

This year Lush gifts have taken inspirations from three imaginative areas: William Morris, an English textiles designer, prints and colours of Vintage Fireworks and Ziggy Stardust for a twist on a traditional and touch of festive anarchy…  

Mrs Frosty...
Mrs Frosty…

 The range of products (including soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and face masks) of this British institution created in 1995 are made from vegetal extracts that have the good taste of not aggravating skin.

So, when a very stylish beauty label combines at the same time the excellence of know-how of its formulas and the fantasy of its little boxes, the result is quality products with a furiously “glitter chic” look and super refreshing fragrances.

What we really want to order at GB dear Santa is:


–          The “Bombardino Bath Ballistics”… This young “soap boy” shares its name with a drink enjoyed in the Italian Alps and smells of rich lemon cheesecake. The cocoa butter added will leave your skin as sweet as a whipped cream…



–          The “Magic Wand Bubble Bar”… because one of the girls in our team dreams to be a Princess…  Swish the bubble magic wand around in the water and breathe the delicious flavour of vanilla watching the zillion of candy bubbles… Fairy zenitude…

Lush Magic Wand Bubble bar
Lush Magic Wand Bubble bar



–          The classical “Bûche de Noël” with ground almonds to gently exfoliate the skin of one of ours team mate who takes care of his skin a lot…



–          The “Rose jam” shower gel which is a clever mix of rose absolute oil and argan oil to leave the skin of the French girl of the GB Team soothed and soft as a rose petal….


Fairy Lush shower gels
Fairy Lush shower gels


Thank you for all of the great presents that you gave me last year. Please say hello to the reindeers. I love to watch the Christmas movies that have all of them flying around.


The GB Team


Merry "Lushmas"...
Merry “Lushmas”…


We’re just waiting for an answer and will keep you posted dear readers… but if you want to colour your bath or your skin before December the 25th, you can go an adventure yourself to a festive Lush shop to discover this collection.

Every “soap opera” has a sequel… Discover ours about Lush in the coming months…

More information here: or call 01202 668 545

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