London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week

London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week. With London Craft Week starting tomorrow May 3rd 2017 delivering its luxurious niceties, exhibitions, workshops and uncovering the lid on the finer sides of luxury existence we thought it would be a good occasion to delve into the emotional side of what living as a gentleman and a lady brings one.

Luxury gifting
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Luxury gifting

The niceties of society, of social etiquette may seem very nostalgic but actually if you truly want to engage your senses and emotions this is exactly what needs to happen.

Cafe Royal cooking
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Cafe Royal London, a messy cooking class

We see a lot written about the excesses of the luxury world but if you have all the money or all the power in the world what is really important apart from noble acts of kindness to society, being a loving parent or husband is to appreciate our senses. Sometimes we can have multiple senses enlightened at the same time such as the sight and smell of beautiful cuisine or the touch and look of some beautiful bedding, something I find divine.

Gieves and Hawkes
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Gieves and Hawkes

Whichever of our senses are enriched by these beautiful aspects to luxury living they do require things to be done properly by people who know what they are doing and care for not only their craft but understand that interacting with you the recipient, in some ways to educate but mainly to create an experience, a bespoke journey that makes this yours and truly unique to you.

William & Son engraving
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – William & Son engraving

The cut of your cloth whether this is a napkin, a curtain, a suit or a piece of exquisite lingerie is all the same conversation, its about adding and enriching your life, letting you appreciate the niceties of precision. When you go to Claridges you feel wonderful and there is a reason why you do. It’s not about the bling bling fashion but it is about an esteemed group of people carrying on the traditions whilst moving with the times. You feel the luxuries of your surroundings that the way the table is laid, positioned, how the tea is poured, its temperature, the way the staff our dressed and how you are spoken to. Personally I feel love, passion and being looked after. My stress levels reduce, I am warm, comfortable and I can talk with my friend without having to shout and I am served by a person who has been trained and cares. This is one example but if the aesthetics of your life are important then the luxury crafts should be a good place to visit and certainly London Craft Week has some “little beauties” to coin a phrase worth a guinea or two.

London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week - Alfred Dunhill Mayfair
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Alfred Dunhill Mayfair

Your home, your clothes, your inner wellbeing are skills and traditions that London still excels in and over the last 20 years the renaissance of luxury craft skills has also seen a commercial success. It was just last week I was reading about how Lancashire, the home of British textiles is having a significant revival in its cloth making factories with jobs and investment, something that even to me came as a surprise but a welcome one.

We have listed Gentlemans Butler runners and riders. We hope you enjoy a roaring hoot and are invigorated by the luxury creativities on offer.

Alfred Dunhill – Bespoke Leather and Tailoring at Alfred Dunhill, Bourdon House – Demos on 4th, 5th, 6th Alfred Dunhill with the last mansion in Mayfair has a perfect location for what I think is one of London’s most famous and certainly filmic tailors, part of the reason why they are so popular with the Japanese.

London’s little, bigThe exterior of Alfred Dunhill in Mayfair
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – The exterior of Alfred Dunhill in Mayfair

William & Son – Can design and craft make Britain strong again? with William & Son and The Telegraph – May 4th Still a London business with 20 or so employees in their East London Factory

Royal School of Needlework Open Studio at Philip Colbert – 3rd, 4th & 5th May

I was lucky enough to meet these ladies last year and was seriously impressed.

London’s lRoyal School of Needlework
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Royal School of Needlework

How to Sleep: Making Savoir Beds at The Savoy Hotel – 4th May

Discover Italian Craftsmanship with Frette Bespoke  – 3rd & 4th May

Behind the Scenes: The Art of the Vivienne Westwood Corset – 3 times on 4th May 4th

Vivienne Westwood’s boutique on Davies Street opens for an exclusive haute-couture showcase, including a talk and demonstration, giving guests the opportunity to explore the artistry and making behind the Vivienne Westwood corset. Such an iconic designer but more importantly as a garment the corset for ladies and gentlemen throughout the ages tells us so much about style and fashion and importantly humanity.

London’s little, big & fFloris in London's St.James'
London’s little, big & fancy luxuries, London Craft Week – Floris in London’s St.James’
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