London bees, let it bee, The St Ermin’s Luxury London Hotel

London bees, let it bee, The St Ermin’s Luxury London Hotel. The second Episode of the new Gentleman’s Butler Trilogy…

Our Trilogy continues here…

At Gentleman’s Butler you know that we like unexpected visits, events and experiences… That is the least one can say!!!

You’ve discovered last Monday the first of our enthrolling trilogies about the St Ermin’s Hotel, the spy links between the St Ermin’s and the MI6 and the story is still being written today but if the spies were not the ones we expected to be?…

Chapter II: Let it Bee!!!….

Indeed let me tell you the story of Ermin… a very special bee that the Gentleman’s Butler Team met last week at the St Ermin’s hotel….

The delightful homemade St Ermin's Honey
The delightful homemade St Ermin’s Honey

Ermin is one of the 300,000 free lodging Buckfast bees from the Hotel. Indeed, Ermin and her friends reside in three custom-built hives on St. Ermin’s’ rooftop. This is such a good place to have free and fantastic access to London’s parks, all within a three mile flying radius, where they collect a wide variety of pollen and nectar, which in turn gives their honey a truly delicious taste.

Due to the standing of this hotel, Ermin the bee is managed in her royal suite hive by the English Guru of the bees: Miss Camilla Goddard (more information about her can be found at this link:

Portrait of Camilla the bee keeper
Portrait of Camilla the bee keeper

Before the great meeting between Ermin the bee and us, Camilla Goddard our Beekeeping expert gave us an insight into the world of the pollen pushers, honey production and what is involved in tending to your own hive. On top of that (because of the greedy reputation of the Gentleman’s Butler Team) we tasted all the different types of honey from very creamy to very strong with a unique after taste of sausage, going to the very special honey made by the hotel, a real delight!

After that the Gentleman’s Butler Team put on their beekeeping suits and went to the wild lawn terrace to meet Ermin the bee and her fellow workers to give them advice about lifestyle (for sure!).

Michael the very "bee" Gentleman
Michael the very “bee” Gentleman

Ermin the bee told us that each hive has its own queen, and about 55,000 workers (all female, what a surprise… Girl power) collect nectar and pollen from a three-mile radius of the hive.
During each trip the worker bee visits 50 to 100 flowers and makes 10 to 20 trips a day, all this to produce about half a teaspoon of honey in her short lifetime. Collectively, they fly around a mind-boggling 55,000 miles to make one 450g jar.

Work harder to earn more?…


I can’t deny that Ermin the bee laughed a lot at our “space clothes” to meet her… “speaking about gentle fashion…” she says… “Humans are definitely very strange…”

As you know all good things come to an end and we had to say goodbye to our new friend and wished her “good wind”…

To “bee or not to bee”… That is the question?…


Bye bye Ermin...
Bye bye Ermin…
  1.  The must have of this Experience:

– The uniqueness of the activity gives us a feeling of ecology and nature in Central London.

– The passion of Camilla, a truly zealous beekeeper who believes in what she does.

– The great atmosphere during the afternoon (thanks to the big smile of Pippa the PR of the hotel)

– The meeting with Ermin the bee… an unforgettable moment.

II.       The Price:

Workshop including a honey cocktail in the bar/terrace – £15 per person
Workshop including a honey cream tea in the tea lounge – £25 per person
Workshop including both a honey cocktail and cream tea – £30 per person

III. Gentleman’s Butler rates:

87% for the fantastic atmosphere!


More information about the bees here:

St. Ermin’s Beekeeping courses – Every Tuesday in September and October 2013

You can book your place by contacting Gemma Wren on 0207 222 78 88
Or send her an email at this address:

St Ermin's exterior day
St Ermin’s exterior day


St Ermin’s Hotel

2 Caxton Street, London SWIH OHW

tel + 44 (0)20 7222 7888


The saga goes on! Don’t miss it on Friday…


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