Kistermann Sisters “Crime London” luxury sneakers

Kistermann Sisters, Lisa and Jessica’s “Crime London” produce luxury sneakers for the new, bold and young.

Twinning duo Lisa and Jessica design footwear and established Crime London in 2012 and has enjoyed immense success.

Kistermann Sisters
Kistermann Sisters’ “Crime London” luxury sneakers-Lisa and Jessica

They have been working on their premium sneakers that would bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion.

All their products are handmade in the Island of the Gods, Indonesia; using fine Italian materials.

Multicultural with mixed roots of German, Greek and Jewish, they grew up in Florence and moved to London aged 17.

So, you get the picture, beautiful, intelligent, hip and forward thinking, so what’s this all got to do with Gentlemans Butler.

Kistermann Sister’s
Kistermann Sister’s “Crime London” luxury sneakers-Your own Blue Sneakers

Well I am from an era that refers to them as trainers or even that fantastic word plimsoles … I know that takes you back to St.Tinian’s and PE lessons…. mmm I wonder whether they still do PE in school… I digress.. Men of my age buy trainers in general to either do sport, wild I hear some of you say.. and others to wear for comfort and then there are some who like both of these but still like to have a degree of staying with the times and surprising and possibly annoying their teenage daughter for being too cool for Dads, well yes us over 50’s lot are allowed to still be a little cool, gosh look at Rod Stewart or Keith Richards who just seem to get cooler and cooler….

We look in general for classic shoes, well made and comfortable. Interestingly I do like a number of ladies sneakers but they rarely make them in large enough sizes … boo hoo..

Crime London
Crime London

The young entrepreneurs have managed to get Crime London on A-listers such as, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sienna Miller, Jamie Dornan, Poppy Delevigne, Nicky Hilton, Irina Shayk, Jessica Hart and Chris Brown.

Kistermann Sisters
Kistermann Sister’s “Crime London” luxury sneakers-Gents shoes

Growing its wholesale distribution into more than 1,000 international stockists (including Luisa Via Roma, Farfetch and Galleries La Fayette) and trending upwards with a sell-through rate of 85% in just a short amount of years that leads them in selling out at more than 120,000 pairs per season.

From classic premium leather, to hi-tech waterproof neoprene, to silver metal studs and gems, capturing the essence of fine luxurious Italian quality materials.

Blue Sneakers
Kistermann Sister’s “Crime London” luxury sneakers-Blue Sneakers

With their international jet set background, it comes as no surprise there is a cosmopolitan feel with a collection consisting of a variety of unique and contemporary models. All are handmade with care from the Island of the Gods, Indonesia; using only the finest Italian materials.

They look great, feel light, well made and certainly one feels one is wearing a little bit of A crowd cool.

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