Joanna’s Wardrobe’s Retro Glamour Lingerie

Joanna’s Wardrobe’s Retro Glamour Lingerie

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Joannas Wardrobe - Ottilie Mink Spot Suspender Belt -
Joannas Wardrobe – Ottilie Mink Spot Suspender Belt –

•           Reviewers name – Michael Grenville

•           Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler “Gentlemans Lifestyle Consultant”

•           Occupation – Editor and Consultant

•           Review description – An introduction to Gentlemen buying stockings for their loved one “Joannas Wardrobe – & Gio Stockings”

•           Location – Online

•           Date – 27 October 2012


  • Gio Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings -
    Gio Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings –

    Nylon stockings which became popular after World War II and completely replaced the silk stocking usually with seams until the late 1960’s.

  • Full-fashioned stockings are knitted then fashioned, or shaped by mechanical manipulation creating the famous “fashioning marks” on the backs of the stocking.

If your girlfriend is a fan of Burlesque or a lover of techno colour American movies then this set may be just the ticket. Joannas Wardrobe is a fantastic website that offers expert knowledge and original products with that wonderful word knowledge.

We are featuring Joannas Wardrobe Ottilie Mink Spot Suspender Belt with Gio Stockings, a UK company who produce their stockings in Derbyshire England. We propose the Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings to match.

1 – Quality of Product – Joannas Wardrobe suspender belt is well made, however the material is more 50’s in feel rather than super soft, delightfully designed though. Gio may be not so well known but the product speaks for itself “retro glamour”

2 – Description of Product/Service – For a Gentleman to buy a gift for their lady of stockings and a suspender belt.

Joanna’s Wardrobe’s very own gorgeous Ottilie dusty pink and cream polka dot with 6 strap suspender belt. It is styled in a fabulous mink and ivory spot light-weight powermesh with matching ivory trim. There are 6 wide ivory adjustable suspender straps with metal clips, adjustable hook and eye fastening to the back and an over-sized satin bow detail to the centre. The response from the office was a “big broad smile”.

Opening the Gio’s Stockings you feel you are going back into a slice of history, they do not stretch (that’s normal) and the way the material works … feels you are putting on a piece of Hollywood grandeur and certainly the lady testing the garment felt very special to quote her word for word. The genuine article, these nylon fully fashioned cuban heel seamed stockings by Gio have been manufactured on the original vintage 1950’s looms. With their Cuban heel and seams are the perfect finish.

Joannas Wardrobe Ottilie Mink Spot Suspender Belt -
Joannas Wardrobe Ottilie Mink Spot Suspender Belt –

3 – Suitability for Gentlemen – Perfect either go to Joanna’s Wardrobe’s website which has a lot of information but you can also ask questions online. Equally feel free to call us in the GB office.

4 – Comfort – Both comfortable, but by the nature of the material the stockings are equisite

5 – The Luxury/Pamper Factor – They are beautiful. Our tester felt ready for her 40’s night.

6 – Above and beyond the call of duty? – NR

7 – Punctuality/Duration – Arrived on time

8 – Value for Money – Excellent

9 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 80%

10 – Gentlemans Butler suggestions – None as Karen from Joannas wardrobe knows her Stockings!


Gio Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings -
Gio Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings –

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