An introduction to grooming gentlemans hands and feet

An introduction to grooming gentlemans hands and feet

Luxury Grooming:

Perception is interesting, is it sissy or fashionable for men to have a manicure or pedicure.

Personally as someone who suffered from exema having presentable and well groomed hands is a real plus, a sign of confidence.

For a man or a woman to go into a meeting or a date with well groomed hands it will make a real difference.

Nails-Brows-Luxury-Mayfair-Grooming-Perfect-ManicureDuring the first half of the twentieth century, men who visited barbershops often received a manicure as well as a haircut, shave and shoeshine.

We heard that James Bond gets manicures, so does David Beckham? However it should be noted that men have had beauty and grooming treatments for centuries.

People have been manicuring their nails for more than 4,000 years. In Babylonia, noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves manicures and pedicures.

HT-by-Sakurami-pedicure-and-manicure-filingOriginating from in China in 3,000 BC, the colour of ones nail indicated one’s social status, could one say the same thing today? according to a Ming dynasty manuscript, royal fingernails were painted black and red.

The Egyptians also coloured their nails, using red to show the highest social class. In ancient Egypt and Rome, military commanders also painted their nails to match their lips before they went off to battle.

Gentlemans Butler has noted some famous films where men have manicures or a manicure is mentioned. Think of westerns and gangster films or the line in Trading Places

Please send scenes from films where Gentlemen’s manicures are mentioned.

Lastly have a read about the American pop sensations feelings on mens hands?

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