Iconic Playboy lounge singer Lenny Beige at The Playboy Club

PB_London_blackIconic Playboy lounge singer Lenny Beige at The Playboy Club

Playboy, Lenny Beige –

“Luxury Gentlemans Lifestyle and Entertainment”

Reviewers name – Michael Grenville

  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler “Gentlemans Lifestyle Consultant”
  • Occupation – Editor and Consultant
  • Review description – The Playboy Club & Lenny Beige
  • Location – London, Park Lane
  • Date – 28 March 2013
Playboy Club - London, Baroque - www.gentlemansbutler.com
Playboy Club – London, Baroque – www.gentlemansbutler.com

It’s a chilly night in London town and it’s a bank holiday the day after so a night of entertainment and glamour with friends is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I grew up as a fan of the golden era of glamour, so mix this up with thoughts of the swinging sixties and you are there.

Personally I was really pleased to see their return to London, for not only the reasons mentioned but the club, lounge, jazz scene is not so familiar in London and so feel this is a great addition. Sat in the heart of Mayfair it fits in well.

Past club clientele has included Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Joan Collins, George Best, Jack Nicholson, John Cleese and Roger Moore and so Gentlemans Butler! fits in well.

Certainly Lenny Beige is perfectly at home. I keep on conjuring up thoughts of the “Lenny Beige Fan Club” screaming or maybe swooning in a….. sorry I better stop as I can feel a whole film script being written ….

I love the terms lounge lizard, rogue, cad and playboy which for me conjure up an era of charm, style and some gentle mischief.

An evening with Lenny for me brought all these as he is certainly a very gifted performer, has a great wit, a sharp mind with an absolutely cracking band and enjoys one of the highest leg kicks from a man I can remember seeing. For some reason, though they look totally different I am reminded of the American comedian Jackie Mason.




Playboy Club - London, Baroque - "Lenny Beige" www.gentlemansbutler.com
Playboy Club – London, Baroque – www.gentlemansbutler.com
Playboy Club - London, Baroque - "Lenny Beige" www.gentlemansbutler.com
Playboy Club – London, Baroque – “Lenny Beige” www.gentlemansbutler.com



Sat in the Baroque club with a friend, two beautiful friends, listening to fantastic, jazzy/bluesy standards all wrapped up in a Sacha Baron Cohen, Matt Lucas, David Walliams and Robbie Williams stylie, as he has worked with all of them and sipping a Margarita feels very good.

As a tv producer I was impressed by the clubs lighting and particularly their sound system, which can often be a let-down but worked very well.

Baroque at play 2 - resize
Playboy Club – London, Baroque – www.gentlemansbutler.com

After the show the DJ continues, so no hesitation in recommending

1 – Description of Product/Service – (information and quality of service, ingredients) –

Lenny Beige

Steve Furst is an English comedian, actor and writer, known best for roles in TV shows such as Little Britain. On Thursday evenings at Baroque his alter ego Lenny Beige takes the stage.

The Playboy Club                                                                                                                                     Playboy Club London opened in June 2011, following the closure of the much loved original Playboy Club in the 80’s. Mr Hefner opened the first Playboy Club in Chicago in 1960.

The charismatic Bunny hostesses, croupiers and cocktail servers, Salvatore at Playboy, Judy Joo’s Dining Room Restaurant, the Baroque Lounge, Players Bar, a Cigar Terrace, and gaming all make up the experience. Baroque is the venue’s latest concept which includes the most extensive lists of vintage Champagne.

About Baroque

Entry for non-members is via table bookings or table platter packages on enquiry.  Non-members must pre-book to ensure entry to Baroque on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Entry cannot be guaranteed if bookings are not made prior to Wednesday.

Please read our earlier review

The Playboy Club, London: Cocktails and Dinner with Playboy Bunnies

2 – Suitability for Gentlemen – need I say more ..The Playboy Magazine – The Original Gentlemans Magazine, The Playboy Club the quintessential 60’s Gentlemans Members Club, Fashional Playboy Bunnies ……

3 – The Luxury/Pamper Factor – where do I start ….beautiful ladies, great atmosphere and the feeling

4 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 85%

Playboy Club London                                                                     www.playboyclublondon.com                                                                                                                          

14 Old Park Lane
W1K 1ND                                                                                                                                                       
+44 (0) 207 491 8586

Gentlemen’s Butler offers services and memberships

For more information on either please ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or info@gentlemansbutler.com

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