Home Planner

Many of us need help from time to time in our home.

If you are looking for permanent domestic staff then we are very happy to help.

This is handled via our consultancy.


Home Planner is focused on supplying services for specific home needs.

De-clutter: How many times have you been told to have a clear out or seen a television programmes telling you how to, however we get emotionally attached to our belongings so having an independent eye is important. We create a plan based on your requirements then we will visit your home, and with our team clear, pack and clean. New you, new home and new life.


Personal Home Planner: A genuinely emotional experience so you can feel new. You may remember the scene in “Sex and the City” where Carrie Bradshaw employs a personal PA to help her put her life back together again; well we want to empower you to move forward employing some similar tactics. This reasons for this can be numerous but the process and the results equally positive. Based on your requirements we plan, visit, clear, pack and arrange storage if you want. After the clear-out we will advise or carry out, depending on your wishes an updated look for your home. Though we can advise on renovations or painting the focus here is to use your belongings and usually advise buying some select items to give your home a new feel.


Process – Contact us on info@gentlemansbutler.com or  +44 (0)20 8780 5234  with your enquiry and we can answer any questions.

Fees – We will always give you an estimate based on our time, with any additional expenditure listed on top.


Michael Grenville has come from a television/ event background as a Producer working on the Olympics, Wimbledon, Commercials….

Combine this with routes in the building industry means Gentlemans Butler is well equipped to assist.

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