Gentlemen prefer “Ladies in Petticoats”

Why on earth should men be interested in Petticoats?
Well the answers are varied and maybe a little more revealing, excuse the pun, then first meets the eye.


Angel's Face pink petticoat/tutu in its own box
Angel’s Face pink petticoat/tutu in its own box

I know through personal experience, having studied the history of fashion that throughout time and across the globe, the cross pollination of what women and men wear is more profound than you may imagine. In fact you may not know men used to wear corsets until not that long ago, stockings and gentlemen’s breaches are well connected and did you know that originally it was men in English society that wore the makeup rather than the women.
If you are interested in the wellbeing and happiness of your loved one it usually helps to show some interest in her wishes, so if she has a love of fashion, vintage, elaborate parties or maybe she secretly likes to be a Princess now and then why not surprise her with a gift that we feel sure will not only bring a smile to her face but maybe, just maybe supply you with a big tick in the box named “good things he does, not related to sport or cars”

With Valentines around the corner, a birthday or wanting to create a big surprise, having a themed party or maybe you have a teenage daughter in love with Grace Kelly then we think this may be a perfect choice.

Angel's Face Petticoat/Tutu pink & vanilla
Angel’s Face Petticoat/Tutu pink & vanilla

Angel’s Face is the UK’s No. 1 tutu brand, providing the ultimate fun, frivolous and extremely comfortable tutu skirts
All Angel’s Face dresses and tutus come packed in bespoke, traditional hat gift boxes which makes them easy to give as presents.
The company is acclaimed for its beautiful, high quality, tutu skirts which are available in over 30 colours and range from infant through to adult sizes. These versatile tutus can be worn as skirts or traditional petticoats.
Angel’s Face is an international brand and is stocked in over 300 stores worldwide including Selfridges, John Lewis, House of Fraser, David Jones (Australia), Galeries Lafayette (Paris) and El Corte Inglés (Spain).
It is also available online

Angel's Face Vanilla Petticoat/Tutu ruffles
Angel’s Face Vanilla Petticoat/Tutu ruffles

So what is a petticoat you may ask?
I have suddenly had a vision of 4 bearded men sitting round a table in a pub with their beer, as James pipes up “guys I’m buying Dorothy a petticoat” ….. TBC.. !!
A petticoat or undergarment is an article of clothing generally worn under a skirt or a dress and was established in 1580’s. The petticoat, if sufficiently full or stiff, would hold the overskirt out in a pleasingly domed shape and give the impression of a smaller waist than the wearer actually had and would also complement the desired large bust. Elaborate, lacy petticoats were worn with elegant silk dresses in the 18th century in much of Europe and America, and were known to show status as the more undergarments you had, proved you had the money to pay for such things.
By the mid-19th century, petticoats were worn over hoops and the film Gone with the Wind provides considerable, detailed descriptions of these fashions.
This extract from a Hollywood Classic just gives an indication of the possibilities.
June Allyson wearing a beautiful dress with petticoat in “Strategic Air Command.”
Here is June Allyson wearing a beautiful dress with petticoat in “Strategic Air Command.” As a US Air Force officer’s wife and Jimmy Stewart as the husband called back into active service as a bomber pilot. Typical 1950’s when air bases had lots of big airplanes and the wives had big dresses.
Petticoats were revived by Christian Dior in his full-skirted fashions after the war and tiered and ruffles were extremely popular during the 1950s, especially with teenage girls.
Grace Kelly and Doris Day were big fans appearing in multiple films in the 1950s.
Lately the full, tiered petticoat has made a small comeback in the alternative subcultures.
Various petticoats have also been used in films and musicals dealing with the 1950s, such as Grease, West Side Story,
Petticoats are also making a comeback due to recent trends towards lavish weddings and grandiose bridal attire.
Think of adding a little naughtiness to your Valentines Surprise, have a look at some stockings from the chic hosiery company Le Bourget

3rd Russian Debutante Ball - Ballerinas making shapes, tres chic
3rd Russian Debutante Ball – Ballerinas making shapes, tres chic

Gentlemans Butler before Christmas attended the 3rd Russian Debutante Ball in London (click to read the full feature)
So we have added a few pictures for a little inspiration.

3rd Russian Debutante Ball - Debutantes & Prima Ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova
3rd Russian Debutante Ball – Debutantes & Prima Ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova


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