Gentlemen’s Tonic London Luxury Shave & Pedicure

Gentlemen’s Tonic supplied Gentlemans Butler with a luxury shave and pedicure. Based in Mayfair in London and across global luxury destinations its a perfect spot for Gentlemen to find luxury grooming

Pedicure & Gentlemans Shave: Grooming

31a Bruton Place
Mayfair, London

T: +44 (0) 207 297 4343

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Gentlemans Tonic, Mayfair -
Gentlemen’s Tonic, Mayfair –

Gentlemen’s Tonic has salons in Mayfair London, Hong Kong and Dubai, including Bruton Place, off Berkeley Square.

Do you love your feet, does your other half love your feet, does the world love your feet. I know matters of world importance! To shave or not to shave and whether you know the right or wrong way to shave?

Certainly having a pedicure comes into the top 5 grooming treatments. There is a health aspect, from the practicalities of removing dead skin and moisturising it’s a bit like having an MOT for the car, but for you and in much more pleasant surroundings. Personally I love to be pampered and having a good pedicure is fantastic.

As an individual I walk a massive amount and can spend long lengths of time standing so I really notice a massive difference when my feet have been conditioned. As a child I had eczema and suffered from hay fever, and allergies so skin treatments such as pedicures recondition your skin. Emotionally one feels better; your feet feel cleansed and soothed and you may even start to look at your feet with some amore.

When you walk through the doors you are met by a well-designed salon, quiet and a friendly face. You are not walking into a factory but somewhere where you will receive a one to one service. I am taken downstairs by Maria into a beautiful room where my pedicure takes place. You will be lying down or partly sat up, depending on your preference. Magazine and cup of tea in hand, it’s time to relax.

The Bespoke Foot Treatment: The nails are cleaned, shaped and moisturised, which removes hard and dry skin, a soothing foot massage is given, then the feet are then immersed in a therapeutic heated wax mask which soothes, softens and hydrates skin.

Gentlemens Tonic, Mayfair -
Gentlemen’s Tonic, Mayfair –


After my pedicure I moved upstairs where you have your own barber’s room, private and secluded with tv and home comforts.

My shave was with Imad, their head barber, where I soon entered into a discussion about world cultures and views on shaving. Imad is from Syria and with my background of working across the Arab World I know how barbers are often the central meeting point and very much a social and cultural institution. Fortunately I had been taught some time ago how to shave and so for years now shave up on my neck and down on my face. I also do not shave every day, which I have learnt is a good thing, in the fact my bristles are soft.

He uses their own brand pre shave oil, followed with traditional shaving cream, hot towels, soothing aftershave balm then daily moisturiser

Wet Shave For the ultimate shaving experience discover being shaved by an expert using a variety of exclusive products and swathed in steaming hot towels.

 Suitability for Gentlemen – If you are looking for a distinct Gentlemans grooming experience then this is a must

Gentlemans Tonic, Mayfair -
Gentlemen’s Tonic, Mayfair –

Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 80%

I left refreshed, uplifted and well groomed.

Luxury magazine Gentlemans Butler suggests boyfriends, husbands and Gentlemen take a look when looking to buy a present.


Gentlemans Butler: For more information ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or





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