Gentlemans Luxury Stockings Buying Advice for your Princess

Gentlemans Luxury Stockings Buying Advice for your Princess

Stockings, a buying guide – “Luxury Gentlemans Grooming”& “Luxury ladies gifts”

  • Reviewers name – Michael Grenville
  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler “Gentlemans Lifestyle Consultant”
  • Occupation – Editor and Consultant
  • Review description – An introduction to Gentlemen buying stockings for their loved one
  • Location – Online
  • Date – 23 October 2012

In my view buying a lady a pair of beautiful stockings (and suspender belt), perfume and flowers are classic but very romantic gifts.

Maison-Close-Belle-de-Nuit-www.gentlemansbutler.com_–   Hosiery, the word hosen means covering,  has existed for centuries.

–   Originally legs were covered with bandages of material

–    The 15 hundreds saw hand-knitted stockings from Spain coming to England.

On 25, 27 and 29th October we will be looking at more about the history of stockings and 3 differing sets of stockings from Kiss me Deadly, Figleaves,  Joannas Wardrobe, Maison Close, Cervin and Gio

Burlesque star - Gwendoline Lamour

If you are a gentleman that is interested in luxury dressing, the chic and stylish and have a loved one then this if for you.

Stockings like much of fashion and beauty started with men and now both Wolford and Gerbe have introduced stockings (tights) back for Gentlemen.

A fascinating garment that brings up so many differing thoughts, depending on who’ m you ask. For ladies it probably goes back to school, or maybe they have to wear them at work. On the other hand there a ladies that find it feminising, builds their confidence. This is very much the case with Burlesque.

For many Gentlemen it might remind them of the Hollywood screen goddesses or Dita Von Teese (click on to see a film I produced for Harpers Bazaar)

I could go on and on but one can say it grabs at Gentlemans heart strings.

I will say that I would not classify myself as a typical man, but what is a typical man; well for the purpose of this review a man who if they were to walk into a lingerie shop would take on the aura of a bumbling nervous teenage boy, probably with the feeling of just having been asked by his sex education teacher something for which the rest of his classmates are going to burst out giggling.

Cervin-Stockings-and-the-SingerI was brought up by a very glamorous mother, have worked for many years in light entertainment where you get whipped into shape quite quickly, have managed both a bellydancer, a all girl pop band and a burlesque dancer Gwendoline Lamour whom I still work with ( click on to see her video) so any embarrassment of the word nickers soon goes out the window.


Gentlemen’s Butler offers 2 services


One to one service where we advise and/or undertake the buying of gifts and services for a client. In addition we can organise luxury shopping and grooming days for both Gentlemen and Ladies


Become a Gentlemen’s Butler brand which will have our full endorsement, which recognises the companies and products class and status.

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