Gentlemans Collection, a fine wine romance

Gentlemans Collection, a fine wine romance, a wine experience suitable for gentleman to enjoy and pour a glass for their loved one.

…… A love story between a boy and a girl….. beautiful scenery…… period costume……. Late afternoon sunshine……….. you know the story well do you I ask…Its actually based on a real life experience of mine. Although for me I was running late and had to jump into a cab and was a little nervous as she had decided on the location, which as it was in the middle of a park, so not so exact…. Mmmm I’ll meet you by the 5th willow tree mmm…now back to the script. He is dressed in a Savile row linen suite and the lady a summer dress and hat….

The surprise a quiz ……


Gentlemans Collection a fine wine romance butler service
Gentlemans Collection a fine wine romance butler service

Two people are sitting below a willow tree by the flowing waters. They know each other from work and now they are on a date. Both in their forties and with a sophisticated taste however still have a mischievous disposition …..the lady said she would bring the food, the gentleman the wine… In addition he brings a picnic rug, vintage of course, a Scottish tartan . He also brings 2 cushions, and napkins, cream and green silk mix to match the rug. It’s about setting a scene and making her feel comfortable. He also brings glasses, all carried in a wicker basket ”it’s a weepy !”

Gentlemans Collection, a fine wine romance, fireside love
Gentlemans Collection, a fine wine romance, fireside love

They meet, wine is poured, suitably chilled as in The James Bond movies, “you might need a Butler for this” gorged on food some fresh, some savoury, some light and some definitely fattening….conversation flows, (get the vision, flowing waters, flowing wine, flowing conversation….. perfect….). Prior to the date she has mentioned there will be a 20 question quiz about each person, with specifics to guide each question. Your mission as a gentleman is to decide what questions you pose about who you are, remembering you need to be witty, to give intrigue, civilised, clever, romantic and intriguing is a bonus. Sorry I cannot resist “Let the rivers flow, upon gilded hills, with meadows yonder a feeling yielded” – Michael Grenville


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