The Gentlemans Trousseau

We would like to think of this as a The Gentlemans Trousseau

Gentlemans Butler’s aims to bring iconic pieces that will last, work and look perfect.

Our aim is to create a Gentlemans roadmap for luxury lifestyle.

Remy Martin Summer Lunch at 34 in Mayfair
Remy Martin Summer Lunch at 34 in Mayfair

Think about what The Butler would have advised his Lordship on and these will be most likely the areas we focus on.

From what to eat, to presents to buy, to clothes and fragrances to wear, you will see over time these will be added.

It is our aim that in due course someone with nothing could come to our shop and be set up for life.

For a young lady in the 19th century planning her marriage, the trousseau was as important, and possibly more expensive, than the wedding.
References to velvet dresses costing no less than $500 each, thousands of dollars’ worth of laces, walking dresses, ball dresses from Paris and overall trousseau ‘s reputedly costing $40,000 gives one an idea of how important to a lady this was.

I like to refer to this as a coming out present and to some degree today’s wedding list for a bride and groom fits this purpose.

Our Gentlemans Trousseau will in time cover everything from the humble t-shirt, suite, shoes to shaving brushes, bed linen to jewellery and lace lingerie gifts for his loved one.

We are all about iconic pieces that are excellent at what they do.

Think style rather than fashion.

Think about what you may need for the beach or what to put in your food cupboards.


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James Bond Car in front of The Old Admiralty Building
James Bond Car in front of The Old Admiralty Building

If however you would like us to put together a “Gentlemans Trousseau” we can of course do this or equally there are other concierge and experience based services we offer.
Simply call us on +44(0) 20 8780 5234 or e-mail

Everything we feature has been used by our team and we pride ourselves on testing to make sure it works.

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