ESPA at Corinthia one of London’s Most Luxurious Spas

ESPA at Corinthia one of London’s Most Luxurious Spas

This is certainly the most sumptuous spa I have ever visited, total luxury grooming and will certainly feature in our best beauty guide.

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  • ESPA Life at Corinthia
Luxury grooming: Espa Life at the Corinthia: Thermal floor

Therapists were everything an excellent beautician should be: attentive, friendly, informative, professional and with a big heart.

Impressions – Amazing building, beautiful interiors. Very impressed

Gentlemans Butler: Luxury grooming: Espa Life at the Corinthia: Sauna

Thought for the day – I lay in the pool looking at ceiling thinking this is the best, wowww it felt like I was in a James Bond movie, black heated floors and a swimming pool lined with stainless steel, light reflecting everywhere my stress levels went down 5 notches.

Post Spa – Sat in their restaurant, gazed into the postmodern fire, ate a light and healthy bowl of spinach soup and carrot cake. The waitress had a wonderful smile, not hassled, stressed or wondering what she was doing. These touches are vital when delivering the best.

Age Rebel Face Treatment 90 mins

An effective, age-defying face treatment designed to deliver immediate results to tired looking skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.                                                                                                                      Includes: Steam – deep brush cleanse – enzyme peel – facial massage – toning mask

Luxury grooming: Espa Life at the Corinthia: Male Changing Room

Detoxifying Body Cleanse 120 mins

A full body treatment providing an intense detox and vitality boost, designed for those who live a fast-paced lifestyle, over-indulge too often, feel lethargic or have a sluggish digestive system. Includes: Mustard foot soak – full body algae wrap – warm detoxifying herbal poultices – colon massage – G5 mechanical massage – lymphatic massage – scalp massage.

Both treatments were set in their holistically inspired round treatments pods. You enter, take a seat as the therapist explains the treatment and conducts scent tests. The facial used their unique light therapy whilst the detoxing scrubs for the body cleanse used nature to defy age. As you would expect the comfort levels were very high and I left feeling supremely chilled and looking I feel a tad better than when I entered !

Overall amazing looking spa ….no question…..bliss…..Can you reserve a room for me with my name on thanks !

Many thanks. Absolutely first class luxury grroming, 7 star luxury spa.

Luxury grooming: Espa Life at the Corinthia: Pool
Gentlemans Butler: Luxury grooming: Espa Life at the Corinthia: Pool

Whitehall Place London SW1A 2BD

+44 (0) 20 7321 3050

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