Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment

Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment perfmormed from their medical beauty clinic in the heart of London’s medical land which was thoroughly well performed and very well received.


Epilium & Skin

25-27 George St, Marylebone, London W1U 3QA

020 7486 5134


My reason for going

I am a 50-year-old male and I have for nearly 30 years now, way before the word metrosexual existed been having facials. Normally I will have a facial between once and every 3 months but last year given the fact I had 2 lots of surgery this was reduced somewhat, so I wanted to have a proper medically based facial to get back on track.

What I experienced …

After walking through the snow, I arrived at this smart and super clean French medical beauty clinic. The difference being that patients don’t come here to have a pampering day or time. They come and go for their treatment and expect results. Most of their facials use devices such as lasers or chemical peels which can make the treatment a little bit uncomfortable but insure the best outcome.

I have to say my nurse Dee who was trained at the NHS showed all the hallmarks of a true nurturer and I was very well looked after. I had hip surgery not that long ago and needed somewhere lower to do up my shoelaces and Dee went to find a mini stool that was perfect. You might go, well why is he mentioning this, well firstly not everywhere offers such attention and secondly it really does make a difference to the client’s experience. This is just one example of many.


The treatment I had, a bespoke facial called the Hydra-peel… 

This bespoke facial is a combination of the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance and the HydraFacial.

facial cleansing
Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment – Cleansing

First, the skin is cleansed with the Obagi medical gentle cleanser followed by the first step of the hydra facial. The first step is to clean the skin a second time using either Activ-4 Rejuvenating Solution (for dry to normal skin) or Beta-HD with salicylic acid (for oily and congested skin) which also includes glucosamine HCI, algae extract and lactic acid.

Facial manipulation
Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment – Facial manipulation

Then the skin is prepared with a special solution to receive the chemical peel. The peel is afterwards applied with a rough gauze. The Obagi Blue Radiance peel includes a cocktail of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid. The peel is left on for 5 minutes (in my case because it was the first time you experienced this peel). Finally, the peel is neutralised with a gentle cleanser.

This was genuinely stronger than I expected and had had before but the discomfort did subside, and Dee did some very clever facial manipulation on my face and when I asked what this was for, she said “to distract you” and I thought to myself mmm clever, she knows what she is doing.

When the skin is perfectly cleaned, it is time for the second step of the hydra-facial. This is the tone and firming stage using Antiox+ enriched with peptides and hylaluronic acid to visibly plump and rejuvenate the skin.

It is then followed by the final step of the Hydra-facial; the extraction method uses a vortex-extraction nozzle that acts like a vacuum to decongest the pores.

Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment – Dirty water and bits from my face…

This is performed throughout the treatment to eliminate excess oil and dirt.

A Deep moisture mask is applied afterwards,

following by a Vitamin C brightening sheet mask.

brightening sheet mask.
Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment – Vitamin C brightening sheet mask.

The treatment is finished with an application of the Obagi Pro C Serum, Obagi Hydrating Moisturiser and an SPF.


It is very common after a peel to have flaky skin and to have your skin peel off for about a week. This is absolutely normal. You need to keep you skin well hydrated, drink a lot of water and put some SPF every day to protect your skin. After a week, your skin will appear more radiant and fresh.

Epilium & Skin Dee
Epilium & Skin Hydra-peel luxury facial treatment – Finished result.. standing with my therapist Dee

The Brand…

The premise at Epilium & Skin is to use a light-handed approach combined with advanced scientific procedures to provide long lasting and natural-looking results. Epilium & Skin was founded by Dr. Bernard Hayot, a French renowned Eye Surgeon and anti-aging specialist and Valentine Fellous, founder of Epilium Paris and non-surgical beauty treatment expert.

Instead of waxing, they offer laser hair removal or electrolysis, and their facials often incorporate the use of lasers and chemical peels and are more progressive than traditional options. They are often used in conjunction with mesotherapy and skin booster treatments. To fight cellulite, they offer more than just a deep tissue massage, recommending Coolsculpting or LPG.

  1. Wow! This is interesting! It looks very relaxing and clean. I’m sure a lot of people with skin care problems could benefit from this.

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