Elemis Mayfair Beauty Salon, Mens Skin IQ Facial

Elemis Mayfair Beauty Salon, Mens Skin IQ Facial

The Elemis beauty salon is tucked away down a beautiful side street called Lancashire Court off Bond Street in central London. Elemis now 20, was co founded by multi award winner Noella Gabriel who most recently WON the Inspirational Achievement Award.

As a Gentleman who might be starting to discover the world of Mens grooming Elemis is a very good place to start as there products are excellent, their staff well trained and a salon that I am sure will put you in the good books of your lady wife or girlfriend.

Surrounded by fine shopping and restaurants you are welcomed into Elemis’s salon with a smile, a drink and a welcome.

Having filled out the relevant forms you are escorted to one of their treatment rooms which have an earthy feel as there is lots of wood and fabrics from the East.

To me there are two sides to the facial treatment, relaxation and results. I am pleased to say both performed well. The rooms are quiet, very important, beds comfortable and warm. I was to find out that my beautician knew her stuff. I had several oddities to that particular day, to start with I had a shaving rash and secondly I had some tiny bumps on my head. Both were issues that my therapist noted and dealt without any fuss, my rash came down with some calming lotions and similarly she said the tiny bumps were a heat rash and within half an hour all was sorted.

After just over an hour my skin was cleansed, calm and I left having had both a head and foot massage.

Importantly for men that maybe are new to Mens beauty Elemis uses an easy to read sheet which identifies the different products used and how often one should use a given product at home.

Elemis Day-Spa, London

+44 (0)20 7499 4995

2-3 Lancashire Court


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