Luxury Lingerie Gilda & Pearl from Notting Hill lingerie store Dolci Follie

Luxury Lingerie Gilda & Pearl from Notting Hill lingerie store Dolci Follie. Dolci Follie is nothing short of a luxury lingerie lover’s heaven. It’s an elegant shop decorated in the style of an opulent Venetian Palazzo

Dolci Follie – Luxury lingerie and swimwear.

A beautiful shop to buy your lady a gift
By Michael Grenville – Editor of Gentleman’s Butler
Review description – Gilda and Pearl Goddess Baby doll, knickers and eye mask. 

Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –

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Westbourne Grove : Dolci Follie, 28A Hereford Road,
London, England, W2 5AJ

+44 (0)207 229 9085


Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –

Lingerie, knickers, babydolls…. Yes all these names send men into either a state of ecstacy or pure terror and probably actually for most a mixture of both.


If I am being honest I am probably no different, however having worked in the fashion business and filmed many lingerie shows for brands it does not fill me with terror.

For any Gentleman he will want to buy some lingerie for his wife or girlfriend at least once in his lifetime and for the sake of his partner more often than that.

Dolci Follie is situated just off London’s fashionable Westbourne Grove and a stones throw from Notting Hill, opening its doors in November 2011, celebrated by a suitably lavish and luxurious launch party held at the infamous Club at The Ivy. 

I recently visited the store to meet with the owner Simona to find out more about her business, trends and the lingerie she sells. 

Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –

Simona is Italian and her assistants are international and when you enter the store you can tell your are in a shop that not only knows their trade but has an air of sophistication and dare I say it decadence. Venetia, for example shows her face through some beautiful eyemasks, and this reminded me about the grandeur, romance and storytelling from that part of the world.

Her boutique offers a wide range of luxury and designer lingerie, loungewear, swimwear and accessories.

We wanted to discover a quintessential and beautiful gift that a Gentleman could buy his partner and be sure she would love it.

If you are a pet psychologiste one can learn quite a bit about people by what people wear and what they give. For example the French and Italians are much more likely to buy simple but sophisticated designs in neutral colours whilst the British can be more care free and go for bold and bright colours.

I was shown round her store as she introduced a number of up-and-coming brands from all over the world including I.D. Sarrieri, Christies Italia, Andres Sarda and Folies de Renaud.

My brief, excuse the pun was to find something romantic, sophisticated, beautiful, pretty and feminine.

I had heard of Gilda & Pearl a small lingerie company based in Scotland, established in 2008 by designer Diane Houston. The brand offers a tantalizing and teasing collection in hand-picked luxurious silk satins, silk chiffons and French lace.

Be sure you understand the colours your partner likes and dislikes, whether she likes patterns or not and preferably get the exact size allthough if you buy a babydoll one of the advantages is that you do not have to be so size specific.

We plumped for the Goddess range, a perfect choice for elegant luxury lingerie

……in silk chiffon babydoll in blush with delicate ivory French lace on the cups. fastens with chiffon ribbons at the neck.

Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –

……Goddess Bow Brief – French lace and pure silk chiffon ribbons combine in these irresistably delicate Goddess bow briefs.

And an eyemask, luxurious and classic, this silk eyemask from Gilda and Pearl has a dainty chiffon ruffle trim

Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –


The designs echo the decadent and demure pieces worn by the screen sirens during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Every piece is designed, made and hand-finished in the UK.

  1. Description of the luxury lingerie and buying service:

As you enter the shop you are made to feel welcome, I had a camomile tea made but Prosecco is also on tap…

 Remember to engage your brain and do not let your fantasies run wild…calm deep breaths and understand you are buying something beautiful, personal and romantic so give yourself enough time, do not go in with your mates, but do go in with a clear mind, so when your give your girlfriend this beautiful wrapped box she understands you have put some thought into it and that you have some knowledge of what she likes and that whether the present is a thank you for her hard work looking after the children, or a romantic gesture it is well received.

2. Suitability for Gentlemen… and Gentlewomen… Definitely more ladies go in the store but I highly recommend a visit for Gentlemen or you can go on their website.

4. Gentlemans Butler rating: 90%

A handy tip for Gentlemen who find this just all too embarrassing, do not just buy gift vouchers as this looks like no effort or thought has gone in this, but buying a trinket such as an eyemask, beautifully wrapped with some vouchers added is an option.


Dolci Follie lingerie London -
Dolci Follie lingerie London –

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