Daniel Hersheson luxury gentlemens grooming, haircut, manicure & pedicure

Daniel Hersheson luxury gentlemens grooming, haircut, manicure & pedicure

Daniel Hersheson is situated on the 4th floor of London’s famous Harvey Nichols. For those of you who do not watch Absolutely Fabulous, Harvey Nichols is just next to Knightsbridge Underground, situated at the top of Sloane Street right opposite The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

A brand name many associate with British hairdressing, Daniel’s father was a hairdresser and his son Luke is a hairdresser. Starting at the age of fifteen he opened his first salon aged twenty one.

Harvey Nichols regardless of whether you are shopping or not is a stylish and vibrant place to walk through. Walking through the perfume department there was a hum of fashion chit chat. This is “Showtime” and certainly by the time I had reached the 4th floor my entertainment routes were coming alive “Darling”.

Entering the salon, however, I was a little nervous, not like me, as I am not endowed with a full head of hair and so entering one of the bastions of hairdressing packed full of chic, beautiful and glamorous people is a little unnerving. However my worries soon vanished as they are not only stylish but also caring and friendly.

Gentlemans Butler: Gentlemens Grooming: Daniel Hersheson – Harvey Nichols Salon

Coat taken, my hair consultant greeted me; it’s a long time since I have seen one of those. Whisked through to the hair area, I started with a Mediceuticals scalp treatment which includes a massage. Like many men I have thinning hair with bald areas and we too often forget to take care of the scalp and the hair we still have.

Statistically over 12% of men, women and children are presently troubled with a common scalp ailment and 97% of all people will experience some form of scalp problem in the course of their life, whether it be through genetics, stress, chemical enhancements, tools, techniques or a number of other possible causes. The treatment definitely felt like it was doing something and I can verify the fact that I noticed an improvement over the following weeks. The aim is to to achieve instant volume and increase hair density. Mediceuticals is used widely in salons, spa’s, hospitals and hair renew clinics across Europe.

Gentlemans Butler: Gentlemens Grooming: Harvey Nichols Pedicure area

Next my my manicurist & pedicurist spruced, preened and massaged my hands and feet. I do not normally advocate this being done on the run like this but it worked very well and the results were good. They do have there own manicure & pedicure area but time was short and this worked a treat. Half way through my hair stylist came and added our party and you could tell she was a pro, 5 different things going on at once but she looked after her client, cut my hair so it was all neat and smart.

The interior is very comfortable, though quite open plan, this is fashion so not for withering violets. I felt like a Prince, and all this was very quick. I was in and out in about an hour and twenty minutes: hair treatment, manicure & pedicure & haircut.

Pedicure and manicure and haircut happening all at once all whilst I was having a cup of earl grey tea so all I needed was someone to hold and turn the pages of my magazine !

I can safely say, I would not naturally find myself in Daniel Hersheson, though having been, I was very impressed. Definitely the right destination for being preened pre theatre or a date. They were friendly, very professional and I have to say it was nice to mix the hair treatment (which had a health angle) with the pampering that followed.

I left dead on time, wandering up through Hyde Park to have tea at The Mandeville Hotel with a PR company.

The range of products used was part of the Mediceutical range: Bioclenz Shampoo, Moist-Cyte Hydrating Therapy Conditioner, Numinox Follicle & Scalp Stimulator Scalp Tonic.

Daniel Hersheson – Harvey Nichols Salon

4th Floor
Harvey Nichols
London SW1 7RJ

T: 0207 201 8797


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