Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating …”Sir, you’re a quintessential Gentleman… Smart, courteous, outrageously sophisticated… To adapt your style during this Christmas period we are offering you the possibility to create from A to Z a “Gentleman’s Christmas tree”… with our partner Liberty…

The only thing you have to do is to click on our links and add the bubbles in your basket… We are the butler you are the gentleman.



Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Choose a beautiful Nordmann Christmas tree…considering the room, 6 feet is a good height for your first “Gentleman’s tree”…

After that…

Things will get more serious from this point onwards…
Begin with a 3 ivy leaf wreath to wrap your Christmas tree


To decorate your Christmas Tree make sure you get the right Christmas Tree decorating ideas from Gentlemans Butler who guides you through Christmas Tree decorating
Glittering Ivy Leaf Wreath

Add 5 of these so Gentlemen bubbles in your basket:



Sir Arthur Liberty Christmas Decoration



A gentleman needs a gentle “woman” to perfect the ornament… So add 3 of these bubbles to complement the tree:



Lady Liberty Christmas Decoration
Reveal your hunting side by adding 3 of these incredible hand painted pheasant decorations:
Liberty Hand Painted Pheasant decoration
You’re elegant and you need a Cristmas spirit on your tree… so try 8 of these gold antique bubbles to put a “gold finger” touch to your gentle Christmas tree…

Liberty Antique Gold Ribbed Bauble
and also 8 of these purple and gold baubles….
Liberty Antique Purple and Gold leaves Bauble



You have now reached the pinnacle of being gentle… and you have achieved the perfect gentleman Christmas tree…

Why don’t you add in this decor a perfect lamp which sticks to this spirit?
Liberty Jeeves Bowler Hat Table Lamp
Or a candle which epitomizes the luxury of a renowned House like Cire Trudon without forgetting the Christmas atmosphere thanks to orange top notes…

Liberty Odalisque La Grande Bougie Scented Candle
Have the Liberty to be free…

You’ve achieved the perfection… a true gentle Christmas is coming…

You’re a gentleman! Don’t forget it… ”



Gentle Christmas tree
Gentle Christmas tree


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