Chelsea Day Spa King’s Road Manicure & Pedicure

Chelsea Day Spa King’s Road Manicure & Pedicure

“Wonderful little den of tranquility”

On a beautiful Autumn Day wondering along the Kings Road, I found the door of “The Chelsea Day Spa”. Having just had lunch at Manicomio I was ready for some grooming. In many ways I think running any kind of salon is a bit like running a good restaurant. Do they know who you are, is your table ready, is the service good, are you comfortable and is the food tasty and lastly do you leave with a smile. The answer to all of the above was yes.

I had been booked in for a manicure and pedicure. Two treatments that really do a lot, firstly as a big walker and secondly because I suffered from eczema as I child.  Now my hands are better I think for men and women well groomed hands says a lot.

The very elegant and fashion conscious Fay who runs the salon met me, knew who I was and very importantly made me feel welcome. As I was early I took a seat for a few minutes and immediately enjoyed one of the great things which is the light. The salon is light but cosy, a diificult thing to get right.

Rabia, my therapist met me showed me to my room and made me feel comfortable. We immediately started talking and soon the conversation turned to the Arab world, her as a native and I with a long background working with Arab culture and media. The order of the day was a pedicure and manicure. Both of which was performed very well. For me apart from obviously the result, being comfortable is very important. I am amazed how many very expensive pedicures can be performed whilst feeling like one is part of a gymn class. On this occasion I was certainly comfortable but the best are manicure and pedicure throwns. I left feeling relaxed with my feet feeling alive and my hands neet and tidy. I run out of time to have the spray tan but agreed with Fay I would return soon.

Without any doubt I would recommend a visit.

The Chelsea Day Spa, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 69a King’s Road, London SW3 4NX  Tel 020 7351 0911

The Chelsea Day Spa -
The Chelsea Day Spa –
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