Charriol Royal White Luxury Gentlemans Perfume

Charriol Royal White Luxury Gentlemans Perfume

The recipe for a great  “juice”… by the nose Annick Menardo for Charriol luxury brand.

We all know that the culinary Television shows are the new screen stars of today reflecting a return to basics and nostalgia for the smells of our childhood…

Let me introduce a new recipe, a gentle perfume, a trend for this summer. An aroma that former princes left on their skin, in turn allowing them entrance to the rooms of higher royal office.

Charriol "Royal White" -
Charriol “Royal White” –

We all know that a recipe always begins with a choice of precious ingredients, more or less rare, more or less sweet… It seems that the Geneva based perfume brand Charriol has looked for the miracle solution to create its new-born perfume “Royal White”. This new scent is full of lightness and grace.

In the first taste thanks to the grapefruit notes, it could even be assimilated to a crispy lemon tart fresh out of the oven…

In the second, a sweet and sour flavour is added thanks to the rhubarb ingredient.

And thirdly, the creator Annick Menardo uses rose, violet and patchouli middle notes to create a flowery scent.

To perfect the harmony of this elaboration agar wood (oud), oak moss and vetiver were used as a base note.

“Royal White” perfume is a great success  thanks to this most unique set of ingredients and shows the links between different arts.

Charriol "Royal White" -
Charriol “Royal White” –

Indeed initially Charriol was a jeweller and then decided to create a perfume division in 1998 to give to the fragrances a perfume of gold in the literal sense as well as the figurative one. All the perfume bottles are set by the blazon gild of fine gold, white and gold rectangular tops packaged in a box of brilliant white and gold., ensuring that the overall look is definitively one of elegance and glamour.


                       1.  Description of the perfume: A splash of fresh masculinity

Masculine base in oud wood, oakmoss and vetiver

The freshness of grapefruit

The sweetness of rhubarb

The sensuality of oriental flowers like rose, white patchouli and violet blossom


                            2. Suitability for Gentlemen… or gentleprinces

 Definitively a hit for this oh so very royal summer…


                            3.The perfume bottle: The coat of arms of elegance

White and gold: colours of a king… what else?…


                             4. Gentlemans Butler rating: 82%

 Gentleman’s Butler fully appreciates the elegance of this perfume and has rated it as 82%.

Charriol "Royal White" -
Charriol “Royal White” –

For further information don’t hesitate to contact Gentleman’s Butler at this address or phone numbers below:


T +44 (0)20 8780 5234

M +44 (0)7976 350 841



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