Bentley For Men luxury gentlemans fragrance

Bentley For Men luxury gentlemans fragrance

“Capture the essence of a powerful supercar”… by discovering the Bentley Fragrance “For Men” thanks to Gentleman’s Butler…

I believe a Bentley car is one of the most supreme cars the world has ever known. They are just beautiful, elegant and powerful pieces of design and engineering…. but if your budget won’t stretch to a brand new Bentley, you can now at least smell like one for a fraction of the price.
Indeed the British car-maker launched last April a range of fragrances for men created by Nathalie Lorson from the perfume house Firmenich.

Gentleman’s Butler has experienced for you the “Bentley for men” perfume… like a car…

Discover the most luxurious and gracious “Bentley for men” perfume cylinder.

Bentley Logo
Bentley Logo

The “interior” of the perfume is equipped with Bentley’s very own finest leather and exquisite woods such as cedar wood and patchouli to create a perfect “smell design”. The seamlessly integrated base of musk and cinnamon allows for a splendid drive when temperatures drop. Should the weather turn out to be even more unfavourable, the continuous rum (Don’t forget: Drink or Drive you have to choose”) and black pepper ensure a smooth and safe ride wherever you want to go.

This combination gives the fragrance a strong and masculine structure.

Unbounded power meets unlimited joy. Open the insulated fabric cap of the bottle by just a push of a button and you will feel the incomparable experience of driving an outstanding convertible thanks to this fragrance.

A unique sensation… A powerful experience…
Moreover, the lines and curves of the Bentley perfume deliver sensational performance and comfort.
Confidence is guaranteed throughout, as you will benefit from a dynamically responding perfume and a sporty tuned “bottle chassis”…

Bentley For Men 60ml Perfume Bottle
Bentley For Men 60ml Perfume Bottle

“The ultimate perfume machine”…

1.        Description of the perfume: A feeling of speed…

First gear: A smell of money and leather…
Second gear: The masculinity of the rum and black pepper
Third gear: The roundness of cinnamon and bay leaves
Fourth gear: The intensity of patchouli
Fifth gear: The power of cedar

No reversing speed: everything is under control for this perfume!

2.        Suitability for gentlemen or “gentle racers”:

Don’t exceed the speed limit, splash it with sobriety

3.        The perfume bottle:

The bottle design echoes the luxury of the cars with an elegant symmetrical shape

4.        Gentleman’s Butler rating: 93%

Definitively a perfume in the race!!!

Bentley For Men Range Products
Bentley For Men Range Products

More information about the perfume:

The eau de toilette will cost £43 for a 60 ml bottle and £59.50 for 100 ml. 
The Intense eau de parfum costs £69.50 for 100 ml.

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